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Request-to-Pay powered by Gini Pay Connect


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Request-to-Pay promises to be the ultimate account-to-account (A2A) payment accelerator. For online merchants, receiving payments directly from consumers - without going through intermediaries - is a no-brainer, as it brings cost and operational efficiencies.

However, the challenge is to generate an extraordinary user experience comparable or superior to other great payment methods. Our product achieves precisely that: paying with your own bank account takes a couple of clicks and seconds without having to type anything.

And all this happens within the digital space where the users already feel secure: their own banking app.

Based on SEPA Request-to-Pay and powered by our Gini Pay Connect product, we enable banks and eCommerce to connect and allow their users to pay directly in a snap.

Further information:

Distinction from the competition

Our solution for SEPA Request-to-Pay differs from others in the market:

  1. It's a white-label solution for eCommerce and Banks. As a result, users don't need to bother with new payment methods' names and brands. Instead, they can stick to the payment methods they already know, like "Kauf auf Rechnung" and "Vorauskasse", which will perform better and smoother.
  2. Users don't need to download any new apps, register for new services or set up an account and password. It is all based on their existing customer accounts and banking app.
  3. Compared to Open Banking, users don't need to type anything or add their username and password on a foreign screen to login into their online bank and release the payment. They can do that without typing and always within their existing banking app, increasing security and decreasing churn.
  4. It allows eCommerce and banks to stay as trusted players in the payment journey rather than invent new brands that compete for users' attention. The user keeps his customer relationship with the retailer and the bank.
Product or service innovations

Our latest innovations focus on making account-to-account (A2A) payments possible and easy where they are needed most.

In March 2022, we launched our Pay Connect product for the insurance industry, allowing Ottonova users to initiate payment from their mobile app while claiming reimbursement for medical treatment. At the end of the claim for reimbursement registration, the user can, with a single button, jump to their banking app to pay the doctor who issued the invoice immediately. As is known in Germany’s private health insurance, the user must always pay the physician directly and separately request their private insurance reimbursement. With this solution, we have connected two procedures that were not digitally linked, simplifying the user experience and saving them valuable time.

Our Request-to-Pay for eCommerce solution is powered by the same technology used in the insurance industry, as explained above.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Our prototype of SEPA Request-to-Pay for eCommerce has been thoroughly tested with more than 1000 users, who provided positive feedback.

60,8% said they would be interested in using such a feature or wanted to start using it immediately. *

66,9% said they would replace one or multiple payment options (e.g., PayPal, Lastschrift, SOFORT, etc.) with this feature once available in their banking app. *

Furthermore, we are proud to share the following testimonials from users and clients who experienced how our product works during user interviews:

  1. "I must say this Journey is better than PayPal's. It's faster." - 28-year-old user from NRW
  2. "If my dear bank would only see what you have presented, they would understand how this is supposed to work!!!" - 60-year-old user from Osnabrück, Germany
  3. “I prefer your Request-to-Pay approach over others because yours is a white-label solution.” - Payments Manager from a Top100 German eCommerce
  • Source: Gini’s user survey powered by Appinio Platform, n=1000 users in Germany, December 2022.

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