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Bulk Customs Clearance & Duty Drawback


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BIRDS (Bulk Import Reduced Data Set) or Bulk Clearance as its also known allows traders to declare two or more low-value consignments in a single declaration when importing goods to the UK.

BIRDS doesn’t place a limit on the number of items that can be cleared in one declaration. Instead, importers can clear unlimited items up to the value of £135 per consignee, without having to pay duty on the goods. This can save eCommerce traders thousands of pounds in duty.

Most importers don’t have the capacity to regularly clear thousands of eCommerce parcels, which is where UKPW can step in. UKPW’s bespoke commercial system holds all the relevant information about trader’s goods that have been cleared into and out of the UK. We also have many customs authorisations including BIRDS, making us one of only a few companies in the UK to be fully BIRDS authorised and AEO accredited. All consignments are customs cleared through our External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF).

Most traders have a mixture of low and high-value goods, so by manifesting your low and high-value items separately you can customs clear your goods correctly and pay the correct amount of duties and taxes.

We offer a speedy turnaround from arrival, through customs clearance to actual dispatch to the final mile carriers.

What really separates UKPW from just another customs agent is our managed returns solutions combined with seamless duty drawback when goods are returned. This means that our customers are able to quickly drawback any duty they have paid on items that are being returned, which improves their cashflow.

Distinction from the competition

We are one of few companies in the UK offering this service. In addition, we have a longstanding relationship with HMRC, we are AEO accredited (and have been since 2016) and we manage our own External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF). We are then also able to manage any Duty Drawback for Returns as we hold the evidence of the import to claim any Duty owed once the goods are re-exported.

Product or service innovations

System developments to our current in-house commercial system which enables us to quickly and efficiently make seamless duty drawback claims and also allows our customers to retrieve their import and export documents through our Customer Portal.

Customer case study

Title: The importance of a competent partner!

Seven Senders and UKP Worldwide (UKPW) joined forces at the start of 2021, after being introduced by a mutual customer. Early 2021, was a challenging time for us dealing with Brexit and its consequences, it felt like something out of the wild west.

With the everchanging customs procedures being introduced by the UK Government, it was tricky keeping up to speed – working with UKPW took the pressure off. At the start, it wasn’t uncommon for Lee and me to be sat up during customs changeover to ensure all went smoothly.

Seven Senders is one of the largest transport platforms in the EU for eCommerce businesses – our customers don’t want to deal with any customs issues or rules but expect us to continue to provide the best service to them, so for us, it was important to have a competent partner in the importing country to deliver a smooth end-to-end service.

Working together with MS-Direct, UKPW provide regular low and high-value customs clearance at both the border and port, including final mile handover to carriers like Royal Mail including the use of services like transit procedures and postponed VAT accounting.

UKPW is customer focused, always looking to achieve solutions and willing to go the extra mile, the dedication and values demonstrated by UKPW, and the team are an excellent fit with our business morals and partnership portfolio.

“I would like to personally thank the UKPW team for their support and help with the challenges we’ve faced.”

Daniel Daniel Kuhn, Senior Process Manager Customs & Dangerous Goods, Seven Senders GmBH

Positive feedback & testimonials

We have several Case Studies on our website from our customers SevenSenders, MS Direct and Sports Pursuit, who all use our customs clearance/BIRDS services.


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