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Ibexa DXP

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Ibexa DXP – The B2B Game Changer.

Ibexa Digital Experience Platform (DXP) helps B2B companies to transform traditional sales strategies into frictionless buying experiences.

Offering content creation, website building, self-service portals, e-commerce, PIM, and personalization in an all-in-one scalable and agile solution along with accelerated development capabilities, Ibexa helps companies to quickly embrace new business and sales strategies and build experiences for their users across channels, unifying brand, content, product information, commerce and their existing business processes.

By integrating content, personalization and commerce functionality into a single, dedicated interface, Ibexa helps companies manage every aspect of the customer journey from first contact to post-purchase support. Designed to deliver personalized content at every stage of the buying cycle, our B2B e-commerce platform makes it easier to use custom pricing for different customer groups to powerful, personalized product recommendations and centralized product information management.

Ibexa DXP facilitates efficient management of many B2B and B2C business processes, including order and inventory management, customer data and custom pricing. It does so by enabling easy integration with current applications, including your CRM, ERP, PIM and DAM systems.

Ibexa’s reliable and secure DXP is trusted by thousands of users worldwide and a dedicated global partner ecosystem. Brands such as Abus, Essilor, Crédit Agricole, DELABIE, Groupe Atlantic, and Swissport rely on Ibexa as a strategic partner in their business.

Distinction from the competition

Ibexa is the only DXP solution designed to offer a suite of features and components that specifically address the challenges faced by B2B businesses in their process of digital transformation. Most of our competitors have a generic approach toward the digital transformation of companies. However, Ibexa has positioned itself as the B2B game-changer by developing a product that delivers seamless and personalized customer experiences across all channels, combining content management, personalization, e-commerce, and PIM. All are specifically designed for B2B customer journeys and business requirements in an all-in-one B2B platform. However, beyond our software, we also have a customized process divided into several steps to help B2B companies become digital winners. Our framework is designed to navigate the specific complexities of a digital transformation process according to every possible level of digital maturity of B2B businesses. This allows Ibexa to identify and provide the most suitable solutions, features, and capabilities according to any specific stage. This ability gives Ibexa a significant advantage over its competitors.

Product or service innovations

Last year was an inspiring year for Ibexa, we introduced version 4, “The Data-Driven B2B DXP,” of Ibexa DXP and enabled a B2B digital selling shift by bringing Customer and Product data together onto one platform. Here are some of our significant launches:

We introduced Product Catalogs, a powerful PIM component to enable customers to create a frictionless buying experience and save them from costs connected to integration, hosting, and maintenance of a third-party PIM component. We also introduced the capacity of creating Product Variants, Product Assets, Product Categories, Product Completeness, and a new price engine with vast custom pricing possibilities in any currency.

We added new capabilities to Ibexa Personalization to enhance the enablement of targeted content, product recommendations, and the support of cross-content type recommendations directly managed from Ibexa DXP’s interface regardless of where the content is stored.

We introduced Ibexa CDP, a dynamic customer data platform that empowers B2B companies to break data silos by unifying their user data from all their data sources (online and offline), building a unique customer view, and creating much more dynamic and insightful audiences. Ibexa CDP also allows them to use that data and deliver personalized customer experiences with more effective and seamless orchestration directly on Ibexa DXP.

And finally, we launched Ibexa Connect, a robust integration platform (iPaaS) that allows B2B businesses to visualize, design, and automate their work in just a few clicks. Its primary mission is to help businesses visually create integrations and automate complex business processes via a drag-and-drop interface without coding expertise or programming knowledge. Enabling them to connect any app providing remote APIs to any app they might need.

Customer case study

The German manufacturer bott develops and produces van racking, workplace storage and workstation systems in three European locations in Germany England and Hungary to serve a global export market. With annual sales of €170 million and 1,300 employees worldwide, the bott business model relies on an ecosystem of subsidiaries and export and licensed sales partners, each with its own website.

With a digital footprint fragmented across some 20 sites, bott decided it needed to harmonize its content creation and brand messaging on a single platform. And so, in 2022, bott started to roll out a project of digital transformation to consolidate its global digital footprint.

Results of Ibexa DXP implementation:

  • A unified DXP for 20 sites and 12 languages
  • Uploading and adapting content is much easier and quicker on relaunched sites
  • Sites are optimized for mobile
  • Better and more consistent visual presentation
  • Easier to filter to right product data and other content resources

More: https://www.ibexa.co/success-stories/bott

Positive feedback & testimonials

Ibexa DXP has been recognized as a Strong Performer in the July 2022 Gartner® Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer” for Digital Experience Platforms report as of May 2022 based on 23 customer overall reviews.

Based on customer feedback, Ibexa received not one, but two highest ratings in its first-time recognition in this report for Digital Experience Platforms as of May 2022 based on 23 customer reviews: The vendor obtained the highest top Overall Rating based on customer reviews 4.5 out of 5 and the highest Willingness to Recommend at 93%.

“Ibexa DXP has provided me with a rewarding and enriching experience from the beginning. This software is excellent for managing the web content of any business, which makes it possible to offer a better experience to customers and ensure that what they expect to achieve they can achieve. With Ibexa DXP, digital interactions can be increased more quickly since it has tools adapted to the digital world that help promote more personalized content aimed at a specific audience." IT Specialist in the Services Industry, April 11, 2022

“The DXP gives us the ability to create content across countries and play it out easily and quickly in regional markets. The use of the CMS is very intuitive and simple. This (almost) anyone can create editorial content with it.” Head of Marketing in the Manufacturing Industry, March 2022

More: https://www.gartner.com/reviews/market/digital-experience-platforms/vendor/ibexa/product/ibexa-dxp



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