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Exotec's signature solution, The Skypod system, is a goods-to-person picking system that utilizes robots that reach up to 12 meters to enable high-density inventory storage. It increases warehouse throughput up to 5 times with 2-minute response times for all SKUs. The systems drastically improve working conditions for human operators and foster more sustainable warehouse productivity by reducing highly repetitive, physically intensive tasks such as excessive walking, lifting, and bending. Exotec customers have reported improved operator satisfaction, long-term productivity, and reduced churn.

Exotec systems are fully modular allowing customers to deploy in a matter of months as opposed to years, and easily expand their systems without interrupting production by simply adding robots, stations, or racks. They are purpose-built to scale and match customer needs without massive capital expenditures. Every year businesses hire additional warehouse workers to support holiday peaks only to lay them off or drastically reduce their schedules come the new year. Exotec systems offer elegant solutions that avoid disrupting human welfare. Exotec customers can rent additional robots to supplement their operations during peak periods and prioritize consistent, long-term employment for human operators.

Distinction from the competition

The key differentiator of our Skypod system is that it provides the highest level of performance across the broadest range of throughput and storage requirements. This is very uncommon because most of the competitive solutions in the market have to compromise on either flexibility or performance. Take a traditional shuttle system as an example. A shuttle system typically consists of shuttles dedicated to specific aisles and a complex series of elevators and conveyors that help move goods between multiple levels in an aisle and eventually get them to warehouse operators. These systems can reach a high level of throughput, but they are monolithic and can’t be scaled up or down, once installed. On the other side of the spectrum, you have mobile shelves. They offer a high level of flexibility but struggle with performance in high-throughput environments. Not to mention that these mobile shelves take up a lot of real estate and don’t offer the ability for vertical storage. In stark contrast, the fully modular Skypod system is simple, quick to install, and offers a high level of performance. All of the elements of the Skypod system are pre-configured and can be easily added to the system on-site. The system can be gradually scaled to meet the changing needs. Compared to traditional automation systems, a robotics system like the Skypod can be installed twice as fast while offering higher performance and flexibility.

Product or service innovations

At the beginning of 2022, Exotec rolled out its latest innovation to the DACH market: The Skypicker. The Skypicker is an articulated arm able to move solid objects weighing up to 2kg and with a minimum surface of 2cm x 2cm at a speed of 2m/s. It is equipped with its own order mover allowing simultaneous preparation of up to four orders at a time. The Skypicker operates in an enclosed and secure environment that guarantees the safety of the operators. It automatically integrates with the Skypod robots operating in the warehouse and defines which bin to send to the picking station. All this is supported by a high-resolution camera and sophisticated visualization algorithms. The Skypicker can reach up to 600 items per hour and ensure sustained order picking for products without handles that account for 30-50% of the items in the cosmetics, health, high-tech, and food sectors.

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Carrefour - Le Plessis-Paté, Frankreich: https://www.exotec.com/de/referenzen/carrefour-le-plessis-pate-frankreich/

Ariat - Fort Worth, Texas, USA: https://www.exotec.com/de/referenzen/ariat-texas-usa/

More on https://www.exotec.com/de/referenzen/



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