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Hive enables D2C brands to run their operations on autopilot. Providing an all-in-one operations software for the entire value chain and its fulfillment network across Europe, it supports brands from sourcing to final delivery, while maintaining the user experience that customers have come to expect.

With Hive's ongoing pan-European expansion (already present in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and soon the UK), its network of fulfillment centers allows e-commerce retailers to reach the majority of European customers within two days at low prices.

Business owners can just focus on growth and offer their customers a seamless experience, using Hive as their mission control software to manage their freight, fulfillment, delivery, custom packaging, analytics, and returns.

Distinction from the competition

We drive immediate impact by developing our new features & products in close collaboration with and based on the needs of our merchants.

We use Hive owned software and customized processes, ensuring best proven quality and thus end-customer satisfaction. This also allows the brands we work with to remain close to the process and be more flexible. It also means we can constantly test and iterate on our Warehouse management Software (WMS).

Hive allows merchants to deliver with the optimum service. Our multi-location fulfillment gives them access to local times and prices, and we have developed a smart Hive delivery algorithm which always finds the best shipment option for every individual parcel.

Product or service innovations

The Hive App as mission control: Merchants can now easily make requests in the Hive App and track the statuses of their requests, freeing up time for their core team to focus on revenue-generating tasks. This includes kitting (assembling >1 SKU to build one new SKU which can be used for future orders), saving fulfillment time and costs. Freight requests are also done via the app, saving merchants hours every month on freight negotiation and communication with forwarders.

Hive’s Customer Experience Web-App: The Web-App has been developed to put customers in control. It is the place for every end customer to monitor their order, create a return label, change their address, track the parcels, see other suggested products to purchase and much more. Brands can also integrate the tracking portal into their own website with just a few snippets of code, leading to a seamless experience for customers. In addition, brands can use data from their returns to understand why customers are returning certain SKUs, spot patterns, and iterate for their next batch.

Fulfillment add-on rules: This process feature helps brands to automate personalized customer happiness. They are a series of rules that merchants can add to their fulfillment setup to add extras to each order depending on certain variables such as country of destination, time, basket size, etc. This means that they can incentivize higher basket value, add care or how-to-use guides in their customer’s language, and more. This all makes for happy customers and increased Lifetime Value (LTV).

Internationalization: Over the last 12 months, Hive has expanded across four countries, allowing merchants to deliver in 2 days to the majority of European customers. This helps merchants looking to expand internationally, as the infrastructure is already there for them to store and ship products from as close to their customers as possible. This saves them both on delivery time and cost.

Customer case study

Nevernot: Read how time saving and transparency with the Hive App propelled their growth.

Holy: Read how Holy enables 2-day delivery to France while saving up to 25.5% per order.

Positive feedback & testimonials

JACKS Beauty Line: "We switched to Hive as our logistics partner and have never looked back. Every day we are reaffirmed that Hive, as a partner who shares our demands on the customer journey and process optimization, is the best choice."

Inkster: "With Hive, we were able to double our order volume month on month without any major problems, growing from 30 shipments/day to up to 1,500 shipments/day. While doing this, we added 350 new SKUs to our product portfolio overnight. We were able to stay close to the process, and Hive's short, friendly communication channels make cooperation easy."

Souleway: "Hive offers us an all-in-one fulfillment solution tailored to our needs. Their international expansion allows us to enter new markets with ease, while their multi-channel feature enables us to serve multiple marketplaces out of one central inventory."

Rookie Baby: "Hive is providing the right solution, combining great software with the right processes. What we love most about being a Hive customer is not only their reliability and speed, but also their proactive support in optimizing our whole supply chain – going far beyond fulfillment."


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