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Thanks to the clever reusable PalletPorter it is no longer necessary to use single-use shrink-wrap film to shield palletized items from water and dust and to ensure their stability throughout transit and distribution . A second level can be created inside a truck using this method, which has a lid that can be used to put another complete pallet on top of it to transport even more goods. PalletPorter is made out of reinforced plastic and can be used 100+ times, folding flat for its return or when stored. It can be quickly put together by one person around a palletized load and carried into the truck by forklift. The next step is to stack a second pallet on top; this is your second level inside the truck. Each unit can support up to 700 kg of weight, effectively doubling the amount of goods that can fit inside a truck carrying out multiple deliveries.

Distinction from the competition

Our packaging solution can be used up to 100 times, which helps businesses reduce their reliance on single-use packaging materials. Reusable packaging systems have been shown to be more environmentally friendly than single-use ones in 11 of the 18 environmental impact indicators that have been analysed in a scientific Life Cycle Assessment study, including the potential for global warming, biodiversity loss, freshwater eutrophication, marine eutrophication, water consumption, terrestrial acidification, freshwater ecotoxicity, and ozone formation. Compared to packaging solutions with a single use, the reuse system delivers a reduction in CO2 emissions of 37.1%. From a financial standpoint, the reuse system helps to cut packing expenses by up to 52%. Corplex offers a Plastics Recovery program to collect end-of-life packaging applications that we market, which is a critical differentiation factor. The plastic material is then mechanically reground into resin pellets using a method that uses 89 percent less water and 44 percent less energy than recycling cardboard. Without downgrading, the pellets are used to create new packaging applications for the same usage.

Product or service innovations

Our in-house R&D team continuously devises novel processes and recipes to maximize the percentage of recycled plastic and other sustainable materials used in our polypropylene-blend products. We constantly seek to eliminate difficult-to-recycle elements so that products are monomaterial, entirely recyclable and repurposed into new products, creating the plastic applications of tomorrow.

In the last 12 months we have launched:

  1. An e-commerce reusable box able to withstand 20 cycles of use-reuse;

  2. A collapsible box made of polypropylene for a parcel shipping company to make its deliveries more sustainable. The box has a lifespan of 100 uses and has prevented the release of 131,148 Kg/CO2 Eq emissions into the environment (46 percent less emissions than cardboard), saving the company 60.4 percent on packaging costs, and saving countless hours of labor spent managing the lifespan of boxes;

  3. A reusable box for the transport of freshcut long stemmed roses from growers in The Netherlands to various DCs in the UK, cutting packaging costs by 52 percent after 20 cycles of use-reuse;

  4. A patented large foldable container bolstering ergonomics and simplicity in intralogistics processes. This FLC reduces the risk of having back pain or other potential injuries, preventing musculoskeletal disorders and protecting the health and safety of operators.

Positive feedback & testimonials

"It is refreshing to find a packaging partner that is 100% customer focused. The best part of working with Corplex is how attentive they are to understanding our needs so they can develop the perfect tailor-made solution." - Luis Herrera, Inquiba S.A

"Corplex offers deep packaging expertise and great ability to bring solutions to all our projects." - Jordi Moré, Grupo Embalex

"Thanks to their expertise in translating customer needs into actual packaging solutions, Corplex designed and produced a completely customised container to make our logistic processes efficient and safe, in record time." - Carlo Natali, Racks & Frames Manager - IVECO

"For many years Corplex has been our trusted advisor and supplier of customised reusable packaging solutions." - David Bertrán, R&D – Product Engineering. NAD S.L.


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