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idealo is one of the leading price comparison platforms in Germany and many other European countries. In 2000, when idealo was founded, the mission was simple: to help our users make the best possible purchasing decisions. Today, idealo connects 2.5 million daily visitors with around 50,000 shops. Add in over 500 million offers from these shops and you’ve got one of the most popular e-commerce websites in Germany and beyond.

Especially in times of inflation and crisis, idealo becomes more in demand than ever before - among consumers and merchants. Due to our fair and transparent price comparison structure, idealo helps consumers to buy all manner of products at a reasonable price.

Distinction from the competition

Interested merchants and shops benefit from a simple and fully automated onboarding. Thanks to our close cooperation with our technology partners, it is also very easy for merchants and shops to send their offer data to idealo via feed (software).

In addition, all shops that are listed on idealo have free access to our merchant backend: idealo Business. There, they can view a huge range of exciting analysis data and tools which make it possible to react quickly to market-based price fluctuations, among other things.

It’s up to the shops themselves how well idealo works for them as a performance marketing channel. Placements cannot be bought on idealo; the best price is always the deciding factor. As a result, even smaller shops with comparatively little market awareness can achieve high sales with idealo. In this way, we help to ensure that the merchant landscape, both on idealo and in the e-commerce market in general, remains diverse.

Product or service innovations

Shopping events like Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the highlight of the e-commerce year for idealo. Although the purchasing power of online shoppers was more restrained last year, every second online shopper searched on idealo during this phase. During this period, it is particularly important that our retailers are well prepared. Therefore, we developed a personalized Black Friday checklist in the merchant backend especially for this occasion and made it available to all merchants. There, our shops found individual tips on what they can do to ensure that their shops are well positioned for the year’s most important sales events.

And our success proves us right. 75 million online shoppers compared prices on idealo during the Black Friday month of November 2022. Together with our shops, we were able to complete a successful Black Friday season despite the difficult initial situation.

In addition, our merchants receive a detailed analysis of the previous peak season in each year.

Customer case study

"idealo is the price comparison with the greatest reach and the best cost-turnover ratio. Mathias Pippel, Marketing, INTERSPORT Digital GmbH

"idealo is our traffic supplier with the greatest reach and the best cost-turnover ratio." Jörg Keweloh, Head of E-Commerce, Rubart GmbH

Positive feedback & testimonials

We have been regularly verified as a trustworthy and reliable partner. This was certified most recently by the TÜV Saarland once again last year. As the first price comparison platform, idealo stands for transparency, up-to-date relevance, data protection and quality. All of these were confirmed in June 2022 with the label "tested comparison portal". A total of 44 functions and features of idealo’s price comparison were tested in seven categories for compliance with the minimum standards prescribed by TÜV. Not is it the pages and features visible to consumers that are put under scrutiny, but also the cooperation with merchants and the technical infrastructure - i.e. the software and hardware used by idealo. (

In addition, the past Black Friday season was like no other due to our efforts. New sales records were set in all of the countries where idealo is active.

Just to give a little insight into our international performance during the Black Friday month:

In Austria 2.8 million online shoppers compared prices on idealo during the Black Friday month while 60,500 people used our idealo app within the Black Friday week.

In the United Kingdom 1.3 million online shoppers compared prices during the Black Friday month with 36,000 app users visiting us within the Black Friday week.

In France 7.7 million online shoppers compared prices during the Black Friday month and 137,000 app users within the Black Friday week.

In Italy 5.3 million online shoppers compared prices during the Black Friday month and 208,000 app users within the Black Friday week.

In Spain 6 million online shoppers compared prices during the Black Friday month and 170,000 app users within the Black Friday week.


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