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As a Linker Cloud we are focused on simplifying the complex logical processes in fulfilment services to open new sales opportunities in European markets for e-commerce and D2C companies.

Our goal is to make 1-day delivery a reality for all consumers by blurring the geographical boundaries in e-commerce and empowering a focus on international growth.

To realize this vision, we have created Linker Cloud Fulfillment Network - the solution that combines a network of over 55 trusted logistic European providers with one platform to manage and control the entire order fulfillment process.

We enable e-commerce owners to outsource the logistic operation taking off their shoulders often overwhelming challenges like finding the right partner in each market, expensive delivery, complicated formalities and complex IT integrations.

We support the launch of new sales markets in Europe by fast and easy integration of the client’s operating system with over 60 most popular e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, shipping companies, WMS and ERPS.

The implementation process closes in a few transparent steps allowing speed up time to market.

The client may choose from over 50 software-enabled warehouses located mainly in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania from where each e-commerce business can easily service previously unreachable customers.

Distinction from the competition

We are not just another fulfillment service provider. Apart from offering a ready-made solution for cross-border development, our goal is to support the industry by creating a knowledge base to explain logistic processes and sales requirements in different markets to fully prepare our clients for new sales opportunities and fulfil the expectations of their customers.

Moreover, what sets us apart from the competition are the state of the art benefits that we provide to our clients:

  • Unlimited access to new sales markets in Europe including the UK

  • Incredibly short time to market with the possibility of launching global sales as early as one week after signing the contract

  • All-in-one contract - one agreement to get access to Linker’s tools, experience, and warehouses

  • Easy reach to the service of verified and reliable logistic partners at prices offered by local providers

  • No minimum order quantity requirements which gives the freedom to test customers' needs in new markets

  • Quick and cost-free integration of system software

  • One tool to manage each aspect of logistic operations equipped with numerous functionalities and ready-to-use integrations

We are currently supporting the growth of more than 30 companies worldwide through our technological solution. We process about 700,000 orders per month from almost 300 client projects.

Although Linker Cloud Fulfillment Network operates mainly in Europe, we are also active on other continents and provide fulfillment services in America and Australia.

Supporting the international growth of our clients is in our DNA. We respond to dynamic and often unexpected changes in the global market. Our clients truly appreciate and take advantage of the opportunities we create. Many of them, implemented our solution in the new post-Brexit reality and solved many problems related to unprofitable shipping goods between EU and British warehouses.

Product or service innovations

In the past year, we prepared all the most important functionalities we defined as necessary for the fulfillment of customers. We allow you to display a list of orders with all the most important information, display delivery advice and allow you to add them, we also show a list of accepted returns and stocks. The most important extra features added over the past year are:

  1. Logistics SLA

To make it as easy as possible for you to do the actions needed, we have prepared an advanced mechanism that allows you in the first step to define SLA for each of our warehouses. A chart has been added for SLA, displaying historical monthly results data for the last 12 months. The chart has also been supplemented with a function to filter results by Fulfillment site, i.e. the warehouse to which the results relate. This feature is particularly useful for customers in our network who use more than one warehouse.

  1. Auto-assignment rules

This functionality allows for defining rules and assigning orders to a selected warehouse in the Fulfillment Network also. If the customer uses 2 or more warehouses, our system needs clear guidelines on where to allocate a particular order.

  1. Integration setup

One of the core values of our application is having multiple integrations with the most popular e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. To get an integration up and running, you don't need technical skills. A full list of all integrations can be found in the link:

  1. Minimum stock management - we allow you to define the minimum stock for a product, which greatly facilitates the control of stock in the warehouse. You can easily find the products you should order or relocate on our platform.
Customer case study

A great example of benefits from the full potential of our solution is our cooperation with one of the manufacturers of electric fireplaces – TAGU company, which sells its products in more than 20 countries. The company wanted to expand further so cross-border sales became a natural choice.

Before the cooperation client was facing a few major challenges, among others: the long and expensive process of finding the right partners in multiple countries, a vision of entering a few new markets at the same time - within a short period of time after signing the contract, shipping oversized parcels consisting of multiple packages on one tracking number and the complexity of the integration.

The major results:

  • a minimum of paperwork and documentation with a single point of contact at each stage of the operation process,

  • integration of the system used by the client with the Linker Cloud Fulfillment Network at no extra cost completed in less than a month,

  • the launch of sales in 4 countries at the same time: Italy, France, Spain, and Germany 28 days from contract signing,

  • complete fulfillment services in the 4 European markets including regional return handling and smooth order processing, despite the non-standard product sizes. The challenge we met was to ship oversized items (one fireplace weights statistically around 32kg and has an average dimension of 10cmx35cmx35cm) as multi-parcel with one tracking number for two pieces.

  • orders delivery within the expected time frame, between 24-48 hours at one tracking number,

  • no operational delays in any market,

  • over 4300 processed orders and more than 8500 processed parcels (since 11/2021).

The entire TAGU case study description is available here

Positive feedback & testimonials

Joining Linker's Cloud Fulfilment Network was the perfect answer for our needs. Thanks to this we gained a kind of bridge, linking us with the rest of Europe. We could manage a smooth change of our operations and ship parcels from other warehouses catching up quickly. We were also positively surprised by the time needed to complete the formalities and close the project with Linker Cloud - it was a customer-focused approach. - Yidi Berger, Sales Manager at Dress Up America

Our business is constantly growing, and this, in turn, creates new challenges. We were looking for a company that would support us in the process of product sets creating and enables us to sell them further on various marketplaces. Signing the contract with Linker Cloud was a "sweet" deal - our cooperation turned out to be a perfect choice! Their professional approach empowered us to achieve these goals - and further partnership will allow for rapid operational development. - Jarred Le Roux, Managing Director at Heavenly Sweets

When many major logistics companies didn't know how to successfully ship products to the UK or simply didn't want to take the challenge, Linker Cloud and its network solution came to the rescue. We used this service with full awareness and the entire project proved a success. For this reason, we are happy to recommend Linker Cloud as a trusted and valued partner. - Mariusz Turek & Jolanta Turek, Co-owners at Zen Naturals

When it comes to fulfillment solutions for non-typical objects, like our electric fireplaces, Linker Cloud is #1. Linker Cloud offered us complex help with operations and integrations, being fully transparent and professional, which allowed us to start the business on four markets immediately, and… we can’t wait for more! If you are serious about your business and want a solution that fits your needs, not the other way round, you need Linker Cloud. - Marian Popescu, Operational Sensei at TAGU


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