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Smart Payments


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Forter Smart Payments optimizes every step of the digital commerce payment flow so you can approve more legitimate transactions, reduce friction and maximize revenue.

Forter’s Smart Payments solution leverages our machine learning technology and massive data network to optimize payment processes for the 3DS protocol and help businesses capture more revenue. We make smart decisions on every transaction to accurately predict the 3DS outcome, and route the transaction accordingly to help merchants optimize their conversions and increase approvals while minimizing friction for the consumer.

Double whammy: Our solution combines the 3DS decision with the fraud decision in order to approve borderline transactions that otherwise would have been declined. This enables businesses to increase their approval rates, drive more conversions and ultimately capture more revenue.

Distinction from the competition

Forter Smart Payments provides the most comprehensive solution on the market to help merchants streamline transactions and optimize their digital commerce payment flow while still maintaining regulatory compliance. Specifically, Smart Payments enables merchants to:

Apply 3DS on borderline transactions that otherwise would have been deemed too risky to approve, increasing conversion rates.

Maximize banks’ authorization rate. Forter is able to predict cases where 3DS is likely to result in declined authorization and recommend not to proceed with frictionless 3DS. This is a unique offering of Forter that is not available via any other vendor.

Shift chargeback liability while providing the best customer experience by applying 3DS only when the authentication is frictionless for the consumer.

Our real-time decision engine leverages machine learning technology to make these decisions with more accuracy and speed than any other vendor — more than 10,000 businesses benefit from our technology, representing $250 billion in annual gross merchandise volume.

What sets Forter Smart Payments apart?

Smart Payments’ optimized 3DS decisioning can achieve up to a 5% increase in conversions and shifts liability of up to 40% of traffic without harming conversion or customer experience.

Product or service innovations

In October 2022 Forter launched Smart Claims, a new product offering designed to help businesses manage chargebacks more effectively. By connecting order and claims data across different payment systems into a single, consolidated view, Smart Claims enables merchants to resolve chargeback disputes more intelligently and efficiently, improve win rates and recover lost revenue. 

Forter’s leading fraud prevention solution (Trusted Conversions) and chargeback recovery solution (Smart Claims) help you drive material business outcomes.

Go beyond fraud protection to approve more legitimate transactions and streamline the review and representment process for all chargebacks.

Stop fraud, reduce false declines and chargebacks by up to 90%, and intelligently resolve chargebacks to recover lost revenue.

Reduce your fraud rate and fight chargebacks all from one consolidated dashboard.

Positive feedback & testimonials

“We have successfully partnered with Forter for several years to reduce digital commerce fraud and abuse. When they showed us how they could also increase conversion rates while complying with PSD2, we moved forward. The results were immediate—we are able to reclaim revenue that otherwise would have been lost to abandoned purchase processes. Smart Payments is a game-changer for our business.” Sian Woods, former Global Head of Security Operations & Fraud at ASOS


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