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Social Commerce


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Bazaarvoice Social Commerce turns social content into shoppable experiences that drive sales – wherever shoppers are.

Our Social Commerce solution includes: Scheduling and publishing of social content across all major social media platforms. We sort and tag content using AI tools to help identify top performing content, and recommend optimal times to post. We enable the user to tag products in the video or photo which makes them shoppable in order to drive revenue for your business.

Robust analytics and insights provide our users with forecasting tools that indicate the best time to post and identify content that will perform best. We analyze top media by views, product clicks and revenue attributed to each image or post so that they can be measured by the success of the posts across all channels in one place.

Galleries allow brands and retailers to post inspirational, shoppable social images across their digital presence. Our galleries offer a 144% increase in conversion rate when users interact with galleries content.

Like2Buy is our link-in-bio solution, where shoppers can browse a shoppable Instagram feed, make a purchase, and more. Referred visitors spend more time browsing on-site, view more pages, and have a greater average order value than the average mobile consumer. Showroom lets our clients turn any image or video into a storefront and introduce people to their next great find. Bounce rates drop dramatically, time on site increases substantially, and the number of products consumers take notice of skyrockets.

Reveal turns any photo into an actionable experience, enabling consumers to discover and shop for the products they love by hovering over them. It’s the easiest way to drive commerce from images and video. It drives traffic from the visual content on a blog, e-commerce site, and partner sites.

Visual Syndication Network helps businesses distribute user generated content to all of the places their customers shop.

Distinction from the competition

Bazaarvoice social commerce tools provide a digital commerce breakthrough, bringing an incredible discovery and shopping experience to virtually any marketing channel you can think of – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, email, website, and more. It works like a charm and gives marketers a completely new way to engage their audiences and drive value from their work – all with no ongoing involvement from their IT team.

But what really sets us apart from the competition are the deep insights showcasing ROI that all of our Social Commerce capabilities provide. While many of our competitors are solely focused on scheduling and analyzing the performance of their posts using traditional metrics such as reach, engagement and follower growth, we are able to help our clients focus on driving revenue on to their site with social content.

Product or service innovations

As of December 2022, Bazaarvoice’s Social Commerce platform has the ability to provide social media marketing and e-commerce managers with first-to-market tools to directly attribute revenue to Facebook organic content.

Many social media marketing and e-commerce managers have long been measuring core social media metrics such as follower growth and engagement rates, but there has been a gap in how to track revenue with organic content. With social commerce projected to become a $80 billion industry by 2025, tracking and measuring revenue growth from organic social and posted content is a critical performance metric for today’s social media marketing and e-commerce managers.

With Bazaarvoice’s new functionalities, social media marketing and e-commerce managers can now:

Directly attribute organic social content to revenue generation. Users can measure the performance of their posts to see which content is generating the most revenue for their business. Access a broader overview of which content is performing and resulting in sales, allowing them to better create, utilize, and prioritize their top performing content. View which organic posts are driving direct sales, and with these insights brands can optimize existing organic content and leverage paid campaigns to drive further sales opportunities.

Social media marketing managers are increasingly becoming responsible for driving conversion to revenue for their business, this functionality allows them to seamlessly report on the attributed revenue in the Bazaarvoice Social Commerce dashboard.

Customer case study

In early 2020, Bemz realized its site was lacking user-generated content (UGC). Because all of its products are customized and made-to-order, there’s about 60,000 total products customers can buy from Bemz. With that many SKUs, there’s no way the company can photograph every product. It needed a better solution for adding customer-generated images to all of its marketing channels—which is why Bemz decided to partner with Bazaarvoice.

“Customers are always requesting to actually see what the product looks like in a real living room setting, and UGC is really useful to illustrate what our covers look like in peoples’ homes,” said Annie Karlsson, Chief Commercial Officer at Bemz.

Today, Bemz relies on Bazaarvoice’s Social Commerce tools to showcase products in more natural settings across web, social, and email channels.

“For populating product pages specifically with UGC, Bazaarvoice has made a really big difference,” said Karlsson.

In the past year, Bemz has seen $1.65 million in revenue that can be attributed to on-site use of social and click-throughs—a 72.56% increase from the year before.

“UGC on social media has been really important for business growth,” said Karlsson.

Adding UGC galleries to product detail pages on the website has also produced some significant results for Bemz. Galleries has contributed to a 270% lift in time on site, a 290% lift in conversion rate, and a 34% increase in average order value. Because the Bazaarvoice platform allows Bemz to measure the impact of UGC on social media from top to bottom of the funnel for the first time ever, the brand has seen how valuable this initiative is for the company, and is increasing its investment in social.

“Now that we can see how well people are reacting to the imagery, it’s built a case for us internally and proves that we should be putting more money toward creating more content surrounding our products in natural settings,” said Karlsson.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Bemz, an interior design company, saw $1.65 million in new revenue from utilizing Bazaarvoice’s social commerce tools.

“Providing customers with beautiful galleries and inspiring looks created by other customers has a substantial impact on website engagement, and conversion rates. Customers who interact with our website galleries have a 21% higher average order value,” said Simon Ruddick, e-commerce trading manager at Oak Furnitureland.

After incorporating Bazaarvoice Galleries on to their website, Urban Barn saw a 270% lift in time on site, a 59% lift in conversion rate, and a 29% lift in average order value.

Villery + Boch saw a 275% increase in conversion rate on their website for those who engaged with the Bazaarvoice Galleries on their website vs. those who did not.


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