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Packsize Automated & Sustainable eCommerce Packaging with X7


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The X7 delivers high-quality packaging automation for in-warehouse fulfillment packing and shipping, specifically in eCommerce. With the X7, a fully automated packaging process can be realised with right-sized boxes for every single order that are produced just-in-time before shipping them out to customers. Single-items and unitised multi-orders can be packed in just 3.5 seconds per box. Thus, more than 1000 boxes can be produced per hour. The products can range from a box of shoes to a cast iron frying pan to an order of dozen packages of pencils. Multi-orders are pre-bundled, the X7 then automatically scans the dimensions, produces a perfectly fitting box, glues, seals, and labels it with the shipment address. To allow for maximum flexibility and as little waste as possible, the X7 can operate with two or more tracks and bales of varying corrugated width and quality. Key features include item weighing during induction, an inline waste conveyor, document insertion, item rejection, enhanced outfeed for final checking, reduced dust and scrap and a wide conveyance system. To allow for a great unpacking experience by the customer, the boxes can be applied with a tear strip for easy opening. With Packsize solutions, an entire process flow will be designed and implemented, from the high-bay shelfs to the shipping zone. Bulky items (e.g. couches, cabinets) that cannot be packed automatically with the X7, will be routed on a separate process flow with different Packsize solutions. That way the size range of items that can be packed is limitless. Thus, all products, all orders receive their specific minimum-sized box to reduce material consumption, (plastic-) void fill, manual labour and, in the end, CO2 emissions significantly.

Distinction from the competition

With the X7, we do not simply offer a packaging machine, but a full service package that makes our customers' packaging processes more efficient, more productive and much more sustainable. They receive specific & dedicated solutions that add both, economical and ecological advantages to their operations. On average, standard boxes contain 40% air - caused by 40% oversized packaging. With Packsize, every single order gets a box perfectly tailored to the goods shipped. Thus, on average 25% less corrugated and drastically less (plastic-) void fill is needed and significantly less CO2 is consequently emitted. In addition to right-sized boxes, box designs are specifically tailored to needing less corrugated while at the same time ensuring product safety. Another factor that makes the X7 a sustainable option is the use of an ecofriendly hotmelt and no need for any plastic straps therefore allowing for plastic-free packaging. With throughput of up to 1000 boxes per hour, the X7 is also faster than any other machine currently available on the market. The combination of the hardware and the seamlessly integrated PackNet® production and optimisation software, together with the offered technical expertise, create a unique custom box-making experience. Process- & solution design, implementation, integration, uptime, availability & OEE data are key performance indicators that Packsize is committed to. Additionally, we offer the X7 solution with a straight and curved infeed, thus allowing for a smaller footprint and optimal utilisation of storage space.

Product or service innovations

To the existing features of the X7 some additional features were recently added. New features include a 6-side barcode scan capability at item induction, item photographing before packing, document insertion, enhanced outfeed for final checking. To allow for a great unpacking experience by the customer, the boxes can be applied with a tear strip for easy opening and the options of document insertion, printing & applying a label as well as an optional invoice printer and inserter.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Fast growing online retailers like MODIVO S.A. in Poland are investing in process optimisation and automation to raise efficiency and productivity. At the same time, they strive for a smaller eco footprint for their operations.

Therefore, MODIVO S.A. decided to integrate a fully automated Packsize line into their warehouse operations. Picked orders of shoes and high fashion are scanned, then packed in their individually tailored corrugated box, and fitted with the shipping label, all through the same machine. Then they are good to go to the customers, who receive their trendy items in perfect condition and without any excessive packaging waste. Throughput and productivity have significantly improved.


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