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Email Validation-The simplest way to validate email addresses either in real-time at the point of onboarding or throughout your customers lifecycle stage to ensure effective customer communications.


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Loqate offers an email validation solution that goes beyond checking for an @ symbol and a valid domain but detects whether the mailbox is genuine and can receive mail. Validating customer emails increases email delivery rates, reduces hard bounces and ensures that you can communicate with your customers. It will also ensure that you are maintaining an up to date and compliant database. We go beyond checking the email syntax and send a silent and untraceable ping to the inbox making sure that the email address captured is valid and can receive incoming mail.
Our email validation solution offers our customers:
28% reduction in hard bounces
75% reduction in mistypes
1% increase in deliverability

Distinction from the competition

New to the market our new asynchronous large batch email API allows our customers to submit requests containing up to 100,000 email addresses at a time. We are thrilled to introduce our 3-in-1 endpoint system, which allows users to easily submit, track, and retrieve the clean data from their batch of emails.
Our Submit endpoint allows customers to send their batch of emails with ease. The Status endpoint allows customers to check the progress of their job. The retrieve endpoint provides them with the finished clean data.
With our easy-to-use system, customers can save time and resources, making email marketing a breeze. Batch cleansing email data can help businesses achieve growth and save money by allowing them to better target their campaigns, improve email deliverability, and reduce bounce rates. Using this service will provide cleaner data which can lead to better segmentation and personalization, as well as more accurate analytics. As a result, businesses can improve the ROI of their email campaigns, increase customer engagement, and drive sales.

Product or service innovations

The key innovation for our email service in the last 12 months is the ability for customers to validate emails in bulk. This allows customers to continually validate emails using our single request email service, stopping them from contacting bad emails and increasing their hard bounce rates, and ensuring they can contact their customers when they need to. With the new bulk service they can now upload their entire database of emails for validation. This can be particularly useful when looking to run large marketing campaigns or as part of data migration. Using this they can validate that their customers are still contactable regardless of the amount of time it’s been since they first got that email address or whether they used our single request service to validate initially.

We know that email communication continues to be a strong preference for customer comms and this addition of this service offers our customers confidence that they are able to reach the customers they need to and flexibility in how they do this.

Positive feedback & testimonials

“The time our customer service department has to deal with correcting incoming orders that did not have accurate information has been cut in half.” EuroTops



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