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Address Verify-Standardise, enrich, transliterate and verify address data to ensure accurate and cost-effective postal delivery for 249 countries and territories using our global data parsing engine.


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Verify is a global data parsing engine that verifies, standardises and enhances global address data. Verify improves the quality of customer data and enables streamlining of business operations and customer communications. Verify assists at every point of the customer data lifecycle. A global address data parsing, standardising, cleansing and enhancing solution that fits back-office requirements, delivering the most complete and accurate data available.
The data we use offers our global cutsomers the most reliable, precise and curated location data in the world, all over the world. We’re a single platform with many solutions – from address capture and verification to data cleansing.
Our data puts you closer to your customer. We don’t stop at street level – we go to addresses and locations that others can’t access, so you can be more precise, provide better customer experiences and make confident data-based decisions.
Loqate’s Verify helps businesses move in the right direction, every time. Our data isn’t just the best available, it is verified, cleaned and curated by humans and technology alike.
With location data across 249 countries and territories in 6,500 languages, and with an ambition to provide even more detail in even more places, there’s a reason why the world’s biggest companies choose Loqate.

Distinction from the competition

Our Unique selling point is the way we approach our data. We developed an in house programme called Persistent data Hierarchy (PDH).
PDH works in two ways: First it reviews the data we acquire for missing address components or values placed in the wrong field, then fills in the missing information and resolves alignment errors
Secondly, PDH eliminates the issue of having multiple aliases for the same location by creating a single value-to-location relationship across the databases and retaining it within our Global Knowledge Repository This system allows us to effectively aggregate multiple reference data sources into a consistent and reliable single view of a location. By cross-referencing, combining and cleansing we acquire from global providers we have been able to significantly improve the quality of the addresses that underpin our core capabilities like Verify and our other primary product Capture. This ensures that we are providing our customers with access to the world’s most comprehensive and detailed repository of address data.

Product or service innovations

In 2022 the Verify team has been addressing the following challenges to further enhance the service for our customers:

Ways to improve Verify address match scores (AVCs) for our existing and potential new customers without sourcing additional datasets? How do we access new, hard to address markets and improve Verify performance in them?

Parsing occurs at the start of the Verify address verification and cleanse process. Our parsing engine takes what may be unstructured or partially unstructured input data, and reformats it based on known address formatting standards for a specific country. The engine uses country specific parsing rules which are maintained by our development team In 2022 our Data Engineers experimented with building a new parsing engine which uses machine learning to improve parsing performance. Models are “trained” for individual countries using Machine Learning Models train by looking at the existing KB Parser behaviour and sample address data Models were developed for our top 16 markets and were demonstrated to provide improvements in match scores. In Indonesia for example we have demonstrated an 18.9% uplift.

The 16 models are now in the process of being integrated into our SaaS and On prem solutions. They are run alongside our existing parser, and the best match result is passed on to customers, guaranteeing that they get the best possible result.

Benefits Reduce Loqate developer time manually tuning Knowledge Based parser rules and time required solving complex address input issues Improved parsing and AVC scores for countries that have a live model – (up to 18.9% in Indonesia) Able to offer improved address verification in hard to address markets in addition to existing markets Handle ambiguous/abnormal entry in hard-to-address markets Filter more non-address data and malformed inputs in developed countries

Customer case study


IBM partnered with Loqate to create an enhanced global address verification solution within InfoSphere QualityStage that ensured a complete, accurate view of location based information. IBM required the best available global address verification solution that could most easily and effectively be integrated into InfoSphere QualityStage and accessed through their in-platform dedicated AV interface.


The biggest business need was to increase the number of people that convert through the Graze online sign-up process. For that, they partnered with Loqate, and described it as 'a bit of a no-brainer'. "Not only do you help us increase our conversion rate, because our form’s are quicker to complete with type-ahead technology – but, due to the accuracy of the address data, we have a higher success rate in first time deliveries. This is especially important seeing as we have a policy of sending replacement packages out if anything loses its way".

https://www.loqate.com/en-us/customers/fanatics/ Loqate helps Fanatics cut address errors and failed deliveries in half. Fanatics needed an address verification tool that would help validate customer address data during the checkout process and enhance their eCommerce order fulfillment processes. They teamed up with Loqate, using their Verify solution, powered by official postal authority, mapping, geospatial data sources and more, to match input addresses against the reference data and quickly retrieve valid and complete addresses for their customers.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Find more info on all testimonials here: https://www.loqate.com/en-gb/customers/

Loqate is far more intuitive and more how a customer would naturally quote an address. - Reiss

“Loqate is a Trusted Partner to IBM, we do a lot of business together on behalf of our joint clients. Loqate delivers trusted technology, good support and I would recommend them.” - IBM

We ship merchandise to thousands of customers every week. Loqate’s solution helps us create a seamless online order experience that is quick, easy, and gets deliveries to the right location. - Fanatics



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