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Odoo is an all-in-one business management software. It is a suite of open-source business applications that includes modules for CRM, accounting, inventory management, project management, and many others apps.

Amongst all the modules, the solution also includes an eCommerce and a website builder application. The interface is easy-to-use, coming with a drag and drop editor. It allows anyone to build a website in minutes without previous coding experience.

Thanks to the native integration with other applications, the eCommerce application is automatically linked to your inventory and accounting system, which makes it possible to get rid of costly and complicated integrations.

Distinction from the competition

Speaking about Content Management Software, the current situation is the following :

Wordpress became very popular because it is open source. Being open source allows developers to do a lot of customisations. However setting-up a website on Wordpress it is quite difficult and hard to maintain.

Other software such as Wix, focused their product on usability by bringing a cloud hosted solution and an easy-to-use user interface. The disadvantage is that this type of solution is difficult to scale and not especially adapted to make an eCommerce website with large sales volumes.

On the opposite Shopify provides a fully focused eCommerce solution. However scaling your Shopify store can quickly become very expensive and you will become dependent on external integration if you want to integrate your platform with an existing accounting or inventory software.

Odoo gets the most of it: an open source, easy-to-use and fully integrated eCommerce platform. On top of it, Odoo takes 0% commission on your eCommerce sales!

Product or service innovations

Odoo released a new major version last October. This version (16.0) has brought many innovation in our eCommerce solution. We developed new functional features making the creation of an eCommerce even easier and more integrated with other apps.

Odoo also changed its pricing model to continuously adapt to SME's market. The new pricing model makes Odoo the most accessible and scalable ERP and eCommerce system.

The monthly license costs 19.9€ per user and includes access to all the Odoo applications (70+ apps), free cloud hosting, upgrade and support. Odoo also comes with an 1-app-free plan : if you only use 1 module (e.g. the website app) you can use the system for free forever. User will only start paying a license when installing a second module.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Users particularly like the fact that the solution is fully integrated. This allows them to grow their system easily and to centralise data. By using Odoo they become more efficient at work.

You'll find a customer testimonial who explains why he decided to move from Shopify to Odoo at the following link :


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