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Order Management System

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OneStock is an agile and 100% SaaS-based Order Management System designed to help retailers unify stock and orchestrate orders. Our comprehensive OMS allows retailers to implement highly-profitable omnichannel solutions like Ship from Store, Click & Collect, Order in Store, In-store Appointments and many more - reducing stock unavailability, boosting turnover and, most importantly, increasing customer satisfaction.

An OMS is an all-in-one solution that aims to centralise and optimise the entire order management process. To achieve this, the Order Management System relies on two fundamental functionalities: stock unification and order orchestration.

  • With stock unification, the OMS integrates stock data from all stock points (warehouses, stores, suppliers, distributors, future stock) and makes this data available to all sales channels (stores, mobile, web, marketplaces, social networks, call centres).
  • Order orchestration is based on a set of powerful, self-learning algorithms, enabling customer orders to be transmitted to the best point of stock to fulfill the customer promise and meet business challenges.

Alongside these components, our OMS integrates a number of omnichannel solutions:

  • Order in Store: stores never miss a sale by taking customer orders in-store with endless aisle
  • Ship from Store: ship web orders from and using store stock
  • Future Stock: stock being replenished or in transit is considered as available for sale
  • Click & Collect: picking up online orders in-store
  • Delivery Promise: the real-time display of delivery information (price, delivery time, carbon footprint)
  • Reserve & Collect: reserve an item in-store, without prior payment
  • Self-service Returns: processing customer returns via the channel of their choice
  • In-store or Virtual styling appointments: personalised shopping sessions
  • Mobile PoS: mobile checkout to reduce waiting time at the cash desk
  • Optimising logistics flows: better stock management throughout the supply chain
Distinction from the competition

OneStock is the only Order Management System provider to have such a large number of customer success stories. With our team of experts, retailers can start their omnichannel journey with complete peace of mind.

OneStock was developed as a SaaS solution from the very beginning to provide flexibility and agility to retailers around the world, based on a microservice architecture. Continuous investment in R&D allows us to regularly add new features and modules, which are available to all our customers.

From an infrastructure point of view, OneStock offers automatic scalability and resilience to adapt to the real-time resource needs of all our retail customers i.e. new store openings, sale seasons, Black Friday/Cyber Monday, commercial operations.

The OneStock roadmap is constantly evolving, fuelled by research, studies, analysis and feedback from our Customers, omnichannel experts and European retail leaders.

OneStock’s teams ensure the security of operations through continuous monitoring of the platform, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The microservices architecture ensures that several components of the same type are always deployed. This means that all situations can be dealt with without any interruption of service. Backups are also frequently performed several times a day in at least two data centres.

Product or service innovations


  • New backoffice --Improved analytics --Delivery Promise configuration DIY --Stock page with future stocks --Revamped pages
  • New carriers: Parcel Force, Metaship


  • Notification Push on Store App
  • New prioritization criteria for orchestration rules: number of claimable orders
  • New carrier: Post Of Slovenia


  • Business Intelligence Suite
  • Single Sign-On
  • Order in Store: Pay by Link (HiPay)


  • User management DIY
  • Configuration migration feature
  • More readable order logs
  • New translations of Store App (8 languages available)
  • BI Suite: new dashboard (transportation)


  • View&edit Products in the backoffice
  • BI Suite: new dashboard (Order in store)


  • DIY configuration of capacities for the delivery promise
  • Order in Store: Pay by Gift card
  • Mass edit Products in the backoffice
  • BI Suite: new dashboard (Period comparison)
Customer case study

Case study INTERSPORT:

Positive feedback & testimonials

PETS AT HOME: OneStock implemented 1 Hour Click & Collect for Pets at Home in March 2020 providing a valuable service for the petcare retailers during the pandemic “OneStock’s 1 Hour Click & Collect solution helped us deliver customer convenience and speed of collection into our customers’ buying journeys at a particularly important time. When pet owners make a purchase, especially if it's pet food or essential accessories such as bedding, they want to access it as quickly as possible in order to care for their pet. On average, an order placed with the 1 Hour Click & Collect option is ready to collect in just 30 minutes. As a nation of pet lovers, our pets became even more important to us during the pandemic, so being able to offer fast and flexible fulfillment to shoppers was a key evolution in our customer experience strategy.” Chris Holyland - Group Digital Director at Pets at Home

INTERSPORT: Ship from Store enables Intersport to accelerate the digital transformation of its brand into a fully phygital company “Only 9 months after its implementation, our associated stores have truly adopted the OneStock OMS. The first results are very promising, with a 200% increase in our online turnover. Ship from Store complements our phygital strategy and improves the customer journey.” Philippe Muhr, Director of web to store / e-commerce & e-CRM

s.OLIVER: “The impression we already had during the pitch that we had found a strong and reliable partner in OneStock has been more than confirmed. Within only 6 months we have successfully introduced the future-oriented OMS for the s.Oliver Group. This success was partly made possible by the extremely high degree of maturity of the solution and the professional project approach of OneStock.” Andreea Heubeck-Witte, (previously Senior Delivery Manager CCE)


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