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The e-commerce ERP plentymarkets enables brands, manufacturers and retailers to execute and automate all sales processes on more than 50 marketplaces worldwide, in online stores and in brick-and-mortar retail. The cloud-based software connects and controls all operations from the management of inventory and item data to shipping and invoicing - scalably, highly performant and securely.

plentymarkets offers a broad range of functionalities out-of-the-box, including product information and inventory management, order and payment processing or a module for CRM for contact management and customer communication. Additionally, it comes with the integrated shop system plentyShop incl. CMS, provides reporting and analysis functions in plentyBI, and offers various possibilities to accelerate recurring processes through partial and full automation or time-controlled execution.

As an omnichannel tool, numerous sales platforms can be integrated with plentymarekts in order for item data and order information to be exchanged seamlessly. In addition to widely used marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, OTTO Market or Kaufland, plentymarkets offers integrations to many local and industry-specific online marketplaces as well as well-known shop systems such as Shopify or Shopware.

The plugin readiness allows for the individualization and expansion of the platform with versatile applications from an extensive third-party ecosystem. Numerous technology partners, such as shipping and payment service providers, offer their services via plentyMarketplace. In addition, thanks to its REST-API interface, plentymarkets can be flexibly embedded into existing IT infrastructure or used as middleware in combination with other ERP software.

The software is suitable for a wide range of use cases in different industries and business models (B2C, B2B, D2C).

Distinction from the competition

With plentymarkets, brands, manufacturers and retailers can manage, automate and scale both the vendor business and the direct-to-consumer business. Well-known manufacturers and brands such as WMF, Rotho, Melitta, Karlsberg and Josef Seibel rely on plentymarkets as their e-commerce ERP.

plentymarkets sets itself apart from competitors through the breadth and extent of functionality as well as the extraordinary number and quality of available channel integrations ranging from renowned international marketplaces to local and industry-specific sales channels as well as shop systems.

Additionally, the software impresses with a high degree of fully customizable automation, which significantly reduces the effort required for multichannel e-commerce and provides retailers with professional support when starting and continuing to sell on online marketplaces.

Furthermore, plentymarkets relies on a powerful tech-stack including a REST-API interface and TÜV-certified cloudbased technology allowing for greater flexibility, scalability and security. Its plugin-readiness combined with an extensive partner ecosystem paves the way for individual solutions and the integration of valuable additional features for further customization.

Product or service innovations

A new, official Shopify app lets you easily connect your Shopify store with our cloud platform to benefit from full-fledged ERP functionality.

The brand-new, free-of-charge high-performance http-cache Shopbooster 3.0 accelerates site page for all users of our cloud-shop system plentyShop.

With “plentyShop LTS modern” we released a completely new, state-of-the-art design template including micro animations and a fancy dark mode.

We offer ready-to-use trial systems with an up and running, preconfigured shopsystem and a testing dataset, so you can click through your own test application within seconds.

Many integrations to further sales channels like Amazon Belgium, eleven further zalando marketplaces, limango, international kaufland marketplaces and more have been added to our repertoire.

Multiple new editors and user interfaces were implemented for an increased user experience, like our new e-mail and document builders, as well as item and order UI and shop contents.

Our myView offers the possibility to adjust multiple of our user interfaces according to your needs - now you can display, arrange and sort UI-components as you’d like.

The new plentyWarehouse App offers warehousing-management capabilities on mobile devices.

Find more innovations in our roundup-video from November:

Customer case study

Please find various case studies of different use cases and industry sectors here (German):

Here’s a recent video case study with shoe manufacturer Josef Seibel:

Positive feedback & testimonials

"Some marketplaces offer just the right niche for us. Others have become standard due to their size. We just need a presence there to stay competitive. We rely on the great marketplace integrations to centrally manage listings on many channels.“ - Nicolas Willimek, meingartencenter24

"We set up the item once and then we can start selling it in our online shop, on marketplaces and in our local store. This saves us a huge amount of work.” - Kira Kimm, soki

"plentymarkets allows us to tailor our shipping process exactly to our needs. What's even better is that we can manage everything in a super simple way.” - Lena Schaumann, Möbel Schaumann

"We are convinced by plentymarkets and have been using the system for years. It's been excellent for us, because we practically have no limits in online business due to the functionalities. [...] By now, we have about 3,000 m² of storage area at two different locations and thanks to the processes for incoming items, order picking, packaging etc., we have managed to greatly simplify our daily work routine.” - Stefanie Kapp, StyleBREAKER

"We only have two people administering the technical side of plentymarkets, where we previously needed a bunch more. [...] plentymarkets is simply extremely versatile. Sure, every marketplace that we add means an initial effort, but in the end it more or less works on its own." - Michael Fischer, Josef Seibel

"plentymarkets has convincingly managed to perfectly set up a company of our size for the years to come with regards to technology through the system change. The great migration plan and direct contact person for the development process has reaffirmed our decision." - Henning Valentin, DEUBA GmbH & Co. KG


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