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Eurosender is a Logistics Hub where both individuals and companies can book any type of shipping service in one single place. Thanks to our algorithm we show instant prices for any type of shipping service from parcel delivery to full trucks. We combine quotes and services from hundreds of different carriers with whom we have pre-negotiated prices and always match each request with the best service.

We offer all types of logistics services, combined with the best worldwide carriers. These services include envelope shipping, parcel delivery, express shipping, same-day collection and delivery, dedicated van services, pallet delivery services, LTL, PTL and FTL (Groupage), warehousing, fulfilment and last-mile deliveries.

With the help of our services, shippers save time when it comes to requesting multiple quotes from various carriers. Furthermore, shippers will be saving time when it comes to drop-off since we offer door-to-door collection and delivery. We offer a wide variety of services meaning that if a client requests changes, we can instantly adjust to it.

Our business clients benefit from costs and time optimization since we can combine different carriers and services throughout the whole supply chain. Our offers are very flexible and adaptable to the client, particular situation or any disruption that may occur. Our vast range of courier partners allows us to book and adjust couriers according to their availability.

Distinction from the competition

We are the only platform that instantly calculates pre-negotiated prices with a variety of different shipping services.

For instance, when looking to book a van service, after choosing the route, our algorithm instantly calculates the cost based on the best carrier for that route, the minimum cost of the carrier, and the added price per km added fees for ferries or bridges.

The client immediately sees the best price available on the market and can book it online in just 2 minutes.

Furthermore, the fact that we work with so many different carriers, allows us to constantly adjust to the client’s requests. For instance, if your business needs different logistics solutions throughout the supply chain, you wouldn't need to search for individual carriers for each step or stick to the same carrier for the whole trip if this is not the most optimal solution. With Eurosender you would get the best service and price among dozens of carriers to transport the goods from point A to point B.

The fact that we also work with so many carriers allows us to always have a solution for any unforeseen situation, making sure that your production line does not stop because of logistics issues.

Product or service innovations

Develop a price engine algorithm that allow us to use dynamic pricing (similar than in Air travel industry) on millions of price points. With that innovative solution we are one of the rare European companies that can be flexible with pricing at such scale

We have developed and deployed an API to help e-commerce businesses to integrate our services into their online stores and benefit from our large network of carriers and always have their products delivered on time.


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