Name of the product or service

Ecommerce kraft paper mailers


Product or service description

e-Green paper mailers are the environmental-friendly packaging solution for e-commerce. These mailers are made of 100% strong kraft paper, which is FSC® certified and fully recyclable. They are equipped with a block-bottom, a tear-strip and two peel & seal strips.

For the logistics department, e-Green mailers are storage-saving, easy to pack and to close. For the consumer, they are easy to open and reclose (in case of returns) and easy to dispose of in the wastepaper collection.

As e-Green mailers adjust to the content, no unnecessary volume or air is being transported. They help to reduce packaging material, volume, weight and waste.

e-Green is the efficient and sustainable solution for goods, which do not require a solid packaging, such as clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, consumer electronics and prepacked goods.

Distinction from the competition

e-Green mailers come in a wide range of sizes, from very small (e.g. for socks) to very large (e.g. for coats). The small sizes fit into the postal rates (and standard letter boxes) whereas the large sizes can be shipped by parcel service.

The block-bottom makes e-Green very versatile: If the consignor doesn’t unfold the bottom, e-Green can be used as a flat mailer (e.g. for one t-shirt). If the consignor does unfold the bottom and the side gussets, it provides lots of space for voluminous contents such as shoe boxes.

All e-Green items are manufactured in Europe (currently in Germany, Poland and France). The FSC® paper is also sourced in Europe.

Product or service innovations

Paper-packaging for e-commerce with various features (1 or 2 layers, with or without padding, 1 or 2 peel & seal strips).

Customer case study

International kids fashion brand Coccodrillo is expanding within e-commerce. In 2021, the company switched from Coex bags to Bong's e-Green packaging range. Not only have they reduced their plastic volume, but also packaging weight and waste.

Coccodrillo is a fashion brand that emphasizes quality, original design, functionality and safety. The company was founded in the 1990s in Poland. Today, the brand is represented in approximately 400 shops and shop-inshop stores all over Europe and Asia. Like many fashion brands, Coccodrillo is also expanding its online sales.

Selling to parents who want the best for their children's future, sustainable packaging is critical for the e-commerce shopping experience. When the company decided to go away from traditional plastic Coex bags for environmental reasons, they evaluated the e-Green range from Bong. From the first test, they were convinced of the environmental benefits and the high quality.

When Bong decided to develop an e-commerce packaging solution, paper was the obvious choice. Paper comes from renewable resources and is fully recyclable. At the same time, paper is strong enough to protect the content. Bong's product range for e-commerce is called e-Green: Strong kraft paper mailers offering lots of space for goods with two adhesive strips for easy reuse of mailers in case of return shipments.

Besides sustainability, the strength of Bong's e-Green mailers makes the difference for Coccodrillo. As they use e-Green for shipping clothing, shoes and accessories, the packaging must protect the content on the way to the consumer. It must not burst or tear during the transport.

(Full story on: https://www.bong.com/en/e-green/news )

Positive feedback & testimonials

Coccodrillo, the Poland-based online shop for kids fashion uses e-Green mailers and says:

"For us as an online fashion shop, it is essential to ship our goods in environmentally friendly packaging. We want to contribute to reducing plastic packaging and unnecessary packaging volume and weight. Our customers appreciate this approach - they like the natural packaging and can easily dispose of it in the wastepaper bin."

Paulina Żaczyk, Marketing Manager, Coccodrillo (CDRL Company)



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