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Green premium delivery & smart city logistics


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Imagine a city that breathes a sigh of relief: a city where car traffic is the exception, where downtowns are revitalized, and where our sidewalks and streets are unclogged.

At fairsenden we are convinced that there is a better way of organizing the transportation of goods and food in cities and revitalizing busy CO2-emission-polluted downtowns. On top of that, the people who deliver the goods to millions of people every day, need to be treated and compensated in a fair way which is a necessary requirement for the service-oriented, high-delivery quality and reliability that every customer expects.

We are part of this solution!

At fairsenden, the name says it all. We plan, organize and execute the shipment of goods in a fair way: fair for our salaried and socially insured bike drivers and couriers, fair for our retail partners who know that whatever they ship with us will arrive on time and CO2-free, and fair for our retailers' customers who are given choices about when and how they want their box of vegetables or Christmas gift delivered.

How do we achieve that? With software that we have developed over the last four years, we can re-evaluate the routes of our cyclists and avoid inner-city car traffic. In addition, we are able to drive our deliveries from downtown stores to the residential neighbourhoods instead of driving from the logistics centre on the outskirts of the city to the downtown area.

Distinction from the competition

fairsenden has set a new delivery standard by combining the “best of all worlds” within one service and addressing the needs and requirements of today´s modern shipping experiences and expectations. Fast, reliable, plannable, and emission-free delivery for B2C as well as B2B customers with eCargo Bikes or eVans. fairsenden positively impacts the customer satisfaction rate and ultimately the customer lifetime value by picking up at a warehouse or brick-and-mortar store and delivering at a 2-hour window of choice to the customer through fairly compensated and employed fairsenden staff – same or next day. Use cases are various and enable companies to

a) offer fairsenden as an alternative shipping option in their online shop,

b) leverage a ship-from-store service,

c) use fairsenden´s capacities for internal deliveries between warehouses and stores or

d) simply deliver packages from warehouses to customers.

fairsenden´s self-built backend system works in real-time and is based on AI to always plan the most sustainable, economical, and quickest routes.

Product or service innovations

We implemented a CO2 savings report on a monthly basis for each client individually. The savings calculate the savings, based on real shipment data, i.e., weight, volume, distance traveled, type of vehicle used, etc.

The next step will be the real-time calculation and presentation to the consumer, already during checkout, based on the very shipment and address data.

Customer case study

DECATHLON Germany further expanded its sustainable services in 2022 with our ship-from-store solution in Berlin and Cologne.

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Positive feedback & testimonials

"For us, not only our clothes should be ecological and fair, but everything around our online store and our stores. fairsenden helps us with flexible solutions and close cooperation on deliveries between our four brick-and-mortar stores in Berlin and the warehouse. A great step on our way to making the world more ecological and fairer with every piece of clothing!"

Lina Zuppke, Loveco

“Basenbox stands for an alkaline lifestyle through quality, well-being, taste, and convenience. We promise our customers fast delivery, right after our dishes have been prepared. With fairsenden, we can deliver on this promise. Due to the punctual delivery and the competent couriers, we could not only increase customer satisfaction noticeably but also the emission-free delivery of fairsenden fulfills our claim to act sustainably.”

Albrecht Letz, Basenbox



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