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Sana Commerce Cloud is an ERP-integrated e-commerce solution that was built to both help businesses evolve, as well as foster long-lasting buyer relationships. With Sana Commerce Cloud, you create a single source of truth for all your data. Only one database needs to be maintained, and all data is updated in real-time. Meaning, once something changes in the ERP, this is immediately reflected in the web store – without delay – and vice versa! SCC’s capability to connect to other solutions through standard APIs, ensures a smooth user experience when working with more than one strategic e-commerce partner. A decoupled front- and back end, built on a React framework, makes Sana Commerce Cloud headless commerce-ready, for future-facing businesses.

Distinction from the competition

Sana Commerce’s main use case is our integrated, reliable and scalable e-commerce platform. Specifically, the deep integration offered via Sana Commerce Cloud.

In addition, Sana Commerce Cloud comes with a great many B2B features out of the box, including personalized pricing and discounts, offline- and online order history, personalized marketing capabilities, and buyer-specific online product catalogs. Other platforms need customized work done to create these capabilities: with SCC, they’re included.

Product or service innovations
  • Sana Success Track: a standardised procedure dedicated to maximise the impact of your e-commerce solution
  • Sana Pay: Sana now is also a PSP, hence offering a holistic customer experience
  • new Project approach: making sure that the implementation service is as customer centric and individualised as possible.
Customer case study

An outdated platform with little added value for retailers Before Ravensburger implemented Sana Commerce’s solution, it already used an online retailer portal to provide specialist retailers with product information.

“To sum it up, it was simply a product catalog that offered some general information,” says Patrick Bartl, Team Lead Online Data Management & Analytics at Ravensburger. Also, due to a lack of predefined responsibilities within the company, the system was hardly developed over the years. An analysis of the retailer portal showed that user numbers were steadily declining.

There was a growing need for a more modern online retailer portal — both internally and externally — due to:

Time-consuming and error-prone order entry processes Inflexible and slow communication with retailers Competitors outperforming in the digital arena

Increased internal efficiencies and customer satisfaction With Sana Commerce’s new online retailer portal, Ravensburger now has many more ways to interact with customers and provide them with all the information they need. “The direct SAP ECC integration of the Sana Commerce web store gives us a lot of options and two key functions: showing current stock levels and customer-specific prices. This offers great added value to the customer,” explains Maximilian Maucher, Sales Platform Project Manager at Ravensburger.

“Of course, there were concerns from sales and field staff at the beginning. In the meantime, we are receiving very enthusiastic feedback. After all, the new portal helps us, too,” says Patrick Bartl. Ravensburger has also received positive feedback from customers. In particular, the functions made possible by Sana Commerce’s direct SAP ECC integration have been met with great approval.

Positive feedback & testimonials

"Internationalization is a major priority at Ravensburger. We often receive international inquiries asking when the new retailer portal will be available in their respective country. The Sana Commerce multi-shop solution supports the international roll-out, and Sana Commerce’s e-commerce consultants are also well versed in this area.

Maximilian Maucher | Sales Platform Project Manager at Ravensburger"

“Having both a B2B and B2C platform together has had a huge impact on our customer service and sales teams, thanks to automated order management and customer self-service capabilities.This means our team can focus on cross- or upselling, as well as on having a meaningful impact on our channel partner relationships by, for example, placing an order on behalf of a distributor who may be in the field/on the go and not have hands free.”

Emily Pelosi | Digital Marketing Consultant at K-Rain"


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