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In B2B, only 23% of the merchants are doing online payments. This is because merchants are struggling with managing the payment solution for their buyers, both technically and functionally, as it's hard to stay compliant with all payment methods.

  • Not all payment methods are suitable for B2B/B2X scenarios
  • The (different) experience per payment method are not in line with the shopper's expectations (e.g. redirect, different look & feel, re-keying information)
  • Many (technical) integrations to keep up to date with latest technology
  • Rapid changing legislation in the different regions, blocks merchants from expanding to new markets
  • Continuously updated security standards

That's why we introduced Sana Pay: an all-in-one payment platform optimized for international B2B merchants, providing a B2C-like payment experience for shoppers.

Distinction from the competition

Sana Pay is one single payment platform that works seamless with the Sana e-commerce solution, optimized for the entire payment journey - from order until fulfillment. Sana Pay is based on Adyen's proven technology, using their experience and capabilities, optimized for Sana Commerce. Transactions have the best possible chance of success, due to the powerful risk assessment. No third parties, no patched-in systems; one payment solution as part of the e-commerce product. And thanks to Sana's roots in the ERP, we use the ERP's order triggers to update the transaction status, to eliminate the need for re-keying critical information.

Product or service innovations
  • Sana Pay by Email: check out like you're used to do, but bypass the actual payment process by automatically forwarding a payment URL to someone else, like a manager or the financial department.
  • Open invoice payments: typical B2B - when shoppers place multiple orders on account, Sana's open invoice payment solution allows to combine multiple invoices to pay through Sana's payment portal.
  • Dynamic capture: automatically capture the funds from the shopper's bank account, only after the order's been dispatched - this way your shoppers get the best payment experience possible.
Customer case study

An Adyen customer , Amanda Wakeley, which is a high-end UK fashion brand, gained a productivity gain of 70% Instead of having multiple payment methods to maintain, they now have a consolidated solution. This is giving them a single view of their shopper payment data, and reasons why customers drop of during the buyers journey And it helps them with their global expansion: it’s much easier to welcome international shoppers with only one payment solution

Positive feedback & testimonials

So, what do we see from our data? We’ve analyzed 22 customers using Sana Pay and compared that with customers using traditional payment methods. 1: With Sana Pay, we see a 34% better abandoned cart performance. 2: And due to Sana’s seamless checkout experience, a 37% better online ordering performance.


Sana Commerce

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