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Premium delivery service

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Product or service description

Urbify is Germany’s leading premium logistics solution with end-to-end proprietary technology to enable customer-oriented and sustainable deliveries with more than 99% delivery success. Urbify goes beyond logistics to create memorable experiences for consignees and shape branded delivery moments to make online shoppers’ post-purchase experience one of a kind.

Distinction from the competition

We deliver when customers are at home, from 16:00-21:00. We raise the customer experience to a new level, offering next-day delivery in all German metropolitan areas, with a cut-off time until midnight. Competitors usually only have a cut-off time until 5pm/6pm. Our delivery rate is more than 99%, which no one can achieve except Amazon. With a Google rating of 4.9 stars, we can proudly say that our end customer experiences have a very high standard. Through transparent email and SMS notification, a limited time window of one hour and telephone and email customer support - the user is always well informed about his package.

With our in-house software solution, we have full control over our customers' parcels and can always call up where a parcel is. We combine all components in a scalable solution, where many competitors still use different providers.
Customers can build their own delivery solution and tailor our delivery software to their operational requirements. We combine delivery operations management within one intuitive interface. It's possible to manage the parcel scanning and labels per warehouse and use the driver app with integrated truck loading assistance and navigation advisor. Also the optimizing of routes and volume bundling and the overview and calculation of driver performance is included. For the end-consumer we have a modern tracking page with email and sms notification.

Product or service innovations
  • Expansion of the e-fleet
  • Driver bonus system
  • City-oriented of route optimization
  • Customer notification center using multiple communication channels
  • Operational Control Center to process customer requests and manage tours
Customer case study

We have created lightning-fast and hassle-free parcel delivery for all Asos Premier customers across German metropolitan areas. Customers can order until midnight and receive a guaranteed delivery from Urbify the next day between 4-9 pm including customer-oriented tracking, seamless notifications as well as a direct customer support line based out of Berlin. This is the fastest, large-scale e-commerce delivery in Germany. By now, Urbify delivers smiles to close to 10.000 customers a day as the best-in-class e-commerce delivery service.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Here in this google drive folder you can find some testimonials and our google ranking.




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