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Product or service description is a unified, secure, enterprise-grade platform for building, running and scaling web applications. Its powerful cloud platform aims to simplify the cloud experience for web developers, enabling them to spend zero time managing their cloud infrastructure. has found global success by removing barriers associated with building websites or applications. In a tech environment, digital teams face a large array of choices when building web applications, from selecting which system to use in the backend like drupal, wordpress or magento, to deciding what framework and language to code in. To solve this complexity, offers companies fleet management, an end-to-end platform to build, host, and scale their web applications while removing the need for IT and cloud operations. The platform enables websites and apps to be built by distributed development teams, including external agencies, in different (more than 70) languages and frameworks, allowing for smooth collaboration and significantly improving productivity through powerful automation, generating massive cost savings on cloud expenditure.

The platform approach also helps companies to reach their sustainability and ESG goals by reducing their energy consumption and carbon emissions up to 10x thanks to the unmatched energy density provided by

Distinction from the competition

The cloud-based platform has been designed to scale as clients grow. Its built-in flexibility has enabled modern developers to manage websites with ease whether they're building a single site in one city or deploying and managing a fleet of sites worldwide. takes care of multi-cloud hosting, management, and operations, so that developers can focus on development. has built a very powerful cloud platform that aims at simplifying the cloud experience for web developers. When designing the initial minimum viable product (MVP), thought was given to making the product flexible, allowing it to support multiple applications and languages. 

Unlike other cloud development tools that have hidden costs in its scalable potential, eliminates those with an infrastructure that is fully maintained and secured with no add-on costs or complexity. 

With regards to lowering the energy consumption and carbon emissions: In additional to choosing hosting partners with a low emission footprint and enabling companies to only use the server capacity the need at any given time, the low energy consumption is also achieved by optimizing the overall website and app development, scaling and maintenance down to optimizing the code itself (green coding).

Product or service innovations

FleetOpps features: Thanks to’s FleetOpps solutions, customers can (for example) automate updating their web applications and benefit from the latest security updates not only on infrastructure level but also on the application itself without manual interference. This becomes all the more important when companies have numerous apps and websites to manage because the manual handling is very difficult and time consuming. Observability Suite: With the inclusion of the Observability Suite (incl. Blackfire APM and Profiling), customers can easily monitor and investigate performance bottlenecks in their applications. Especially in an e-commerce context, this leads to higher conversion rates thanks to faster response times.

Auto-scaling will automatically add additional resources to dedicated clusters when needed, further improving the stability of websites and -applications.

Even faster deployment: With the introduction of new planning features, customers can now handle the deployment according to the specific needs of their applications. This means that even more architectures can rely on the ease of deployment, instant cloned development environments for testing and approvals, and industry best-practice workflows.

Strong partnerships: Both Adobe extending the partnership with for another 5 years as well as’s new white label partner Shopware show that building targeted, custom PaaS experiences on top of in a flexible way is not only possible but something that big partners are already leveraging.

Customer case study

Positive feedback & testimonials

From the simple to the complex— supports anything from minor changes to creating entirely new products and customer journeys: By taking on the infrastructure and security requirements, developers are left doing what they do best: Developing.’s approach has quickly inspired global corporations to manage thousands of websites and applications efficiently and securely with the information on hand to help them make informed, greener decisions when hosting web apps. 

 DevOps teams can take advantage of:

90% Reduction in DevOps

15x Faster user acceptance testing

40% Uplift in developer productivity

20x More deployments

10x Less energy consumption (as confirmed by greenly ( | Greenly | Carbon Footprint)

E-Commerce companies can in particular take advantage of:

  • Helping their website developers and managers to simplify the management of the growing app and website fleets and to free-up time for innovations.

  • Optimize website and app performance by pinpointing where exactly certain codes can be improved for better load times and thus higher conversion rates.

  • Manage website traffic during seasonal peaks like Black Friday (in 2022, customers faced an 80% increase in their website traffic)

  • Helping to manage thousands of websites and apps thanks to’s FleetOpps features

  • No code freezing: This allows marketing teams to adjust their website offers up to the last minute

Developers are becoming harder to come by and companies are relying more on their digital presence - especially since the pandemic. As a result, businesses will need to transition to platforms that own the burden of infrastructure and cloud development. Not only does this mitigate the possibility of IT burnout but also opens the door to more innovative development solutions as teams have more time for creativity and web building.


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