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Marketplace Integration Suite

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The e-commerce market is growing rapidly and radically shifting to marketplaces. Established players such as eBay and Amazon are increasingly being joined by large retailers who are becoming marketplaces themselves (think of MediaMarkt and Decathlon). For sellers, connecting and managing all these channels is becoming increasingly complex. This is a huge opportunity for ChannelEngine, and we positively see the future. Our goal is to be able to make sales channels available to our customers in all regions of the world. As such, we will continue to strongly innovate and improve our platform to make our customers truly successful globally. We also continue to add more marketplaces worldwide.

ChannelEngine is the leading platform connecting global e-commerce. It enables global distributed e-commerce, managed through a powerful suite of tools and partner ecosystem, to maximize sales and profit while reducing international sales' complexity and minimizing the effort and needed workforce for direct consumer e-commerce.

Our customers have the opportunity to increase their online presence and outsmart their competition by making use of the most comprehensive integration, where -Automatically imports and updates your product information from the current platform, so you can keep your webshop, ERP, or PIM as the primary source -Synchronizes stock and price changes between all marketplaces -Automatically generates international invoices, taking into account European VAT rules -Applies advanced pricing rules, allowing for desired margins and stock of other suppliers -Sets up dynamic filters to control your product offer, including its specific minimum stock, margin, price, and other criteria -Monitors your sales and shipments -Provides translations services to address a multilingual aspect within sales networks -Creates digital product bundles for long shelf-life items, similar products, or bestsellers to push revenues

Distinction from the competition

Inflation, war, recession: we live in tough and competitive times. Still, we manage to emerge victorious from that storm. ChannelEngine simplifies the complexity of managing marketplaces globally by providing a platform between the seller and the marketplaces and offering a global partner ecosystem. Our platform is user-friendly, our team is data-driven, and we already have an international presence (with offices in Leiden, Munich, Dubai, Singapore, Melbourne, New York, and Toronto).

-Connecting all the 200+ channels and keeping them up to date was challenging. Still, we overcame this by setting up a development team and project team solely responsible for adding new channels and updating existing ones. The technology has had over 7 years to develop, mature, and be ready for this scaling phase.

-Merchants need knowledge and experience to onboard and sell on all these global sales channels. To solve this, we set up a global partnership ecosystem.

-Localizing the solution for all regions. This is solved by setting up a global project group with tech and business knowledge for localization.

-The technology is developed to be scalable, international, and extensible from the ground based on > 17 years of e-commerce integration experience.

-We have global agencies that give guidance and support to succeed on marketplaces.

Product or service innovations

Connecting global ecommerce

We have extended our product to incorporate more than 65 new sales channels worldwide. This includes selling on TikTok, which offers e-commerce brands a new, potentially incredibly lucrative, and vastly unique channel to explore. TikTok’s innovative shopping feature, TikTok Shop, lets you showcase and sell products to an engaged community in a fun and entertaining way directly on TikTok through in-feed videos, LIVEs, and a product showcase tab now featured on the merchant’s TikTok profile page.

Manage stock over multiple locations

We extended our stock management capabilities so our customers can manage their stock over multiple locations. With the flexible concept of routing rules, a customer can easily configure stock from different locations to be synchronized to various sales channels. Every order includes a fulfillment recommendation based on the configured routing rules for a more straightforward process. Next to routing, the concept also consists of a configurable fallback mechanism to fulfill from a different location in case the sales of a specific product exceeds the customer forecast.

Customer case study

Rivièra Maison

Rivièra Maison is an international brand specializing in furniture, homeware, and lifestyle products. Before teaming up with ChannelEngine, Rivièra Maison had already launched its own successful webshop. The brand was also selling on a few selected marketplaces, such as, which serves customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. However, like many businesses that started selling on marketplaces, they quickly discovered that manual inventory and order processes seriously constrained growth. According to Rivièra Maison’s Online Specialist, Brenda Schenkius, “Before, everything was done by hand, and this was a lot of work – so it wasn’t good for expanding the business.”

The solution

The company quickly made use of ChannelEngine's automation and simplified management with a single dashboard. Instead of using time-consuming manual processes, product content is now handled using the easy content manager, which enables optimized product content for each marketplace. This isn’t easy to do manually when you offer more than 500 SKUs (which are regularly updated or replaced when new designs and collections are released). Orders and returns are now handled using a single, simple process - and everything (that can be) done is now totally automated. ChannelEngine’s insights are also helping the brand to ensure that its customers are satisfied and that every listing is optimized.

The results

Using ChannelEngine to integrate and automate has enabled more of Rivièra Maison’s resources to serve its customers and achieve stronger growth. As a result, there has been more time and resources to enable them to start selling on more marketplaces. The company has expanded from selling through just a few channels last year to 10 different marketplaces this year. Brenda has translated to revenue growth of ~200%, essentially double the revenue, thanks to using ChannelEngine to expand and optimize their selling on marketplaces. And this is just the beginning.

Positive feedback & testimonials

“It's so interesting to work with ChannelEngine because it enables a relatively simple connection to our platforms. Easy to scale, and that's why we chose you.” - Dick Mooijman, General Manager, EMEA, Sonos.

“After meeting with ChannelEngine, we immediately realized they were the perfect partner for us because they were enthusiastic about our roadmap and proved to be just as ambitious as us. In the end, it was the people element that convinced us to start a partnership with them. Their service is solid; they integrate partners, and they do everything they can to provide a smooth and fast integration.” - Laura Cialdella, Online Channel Manager, Hunkemöller.

“We cannot imagine what our business would be like without the use of software like ChannelEngine. Now we have many opportunities that we did not have previously." -Robert Herbermann, COO, Nelson Shoes.

"After using ChannelEngine's repricer: 17 out of 20 sellers expanded their assortment with on average 1.45 times more articles than before usage of the repricer sellers changed their prices 10 times more often (on average) and took over the Buy Box considerably more often." -Research team,


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