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everstox is a Logistics-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform that provides easy access to a connected network of professional warehousing, fulfillment and shipping services for modern commerce.

In short, commerce businesses work with us to find the right logistics providers in required target markets, while managing and optimizing all logistics processes through our state-of-the-art Technology and Cloud Software. By doing so, we connect, optimize and scale independent brands with prime-speed delivery for powerful customer experience, no matter on what channel products are sold.

Our goal is to provide ultimate access to best-in-class logistics for any brand selling products D2C and B2B. With this, we empower modern businesses to have a fighting chance against retail giants like Amazon.

Distinction from the competition

Instead of building costly fulfillment centers and new physical infrastructure, like many other digital fulfillers do, our LaaS platform follows an API-first approach. This means, we connect the dots to existing Tier 1 warehousing and shipping providers via our tech platform and provide ultimate access for merchants to a connected network across Europe. We are the Flixbus of warehousing and shipping.

There are ten thousands of warehouses across Europe alone, operated by professional third-party providers forming the backbone of today’s eCommerce and moving millions of parcels every day. The smart and dedicated people behind this operational expertise have passed over their Know How and excellence by generation over generation. Our aim is to provide simple access for product selling businesses to these logistics heroes - without the burden of months-long provider search, IT integration and manual work once operations kick-off.

All it takes is one integration to our LaaS platform to access multi-warehousing management and performance tracking for all locations in use with one unified Cloud Software.

Product or service innovations

Our connected network and LaaS platform has onboarded and integrated within the last 12 months:

  • 50+ fulfillment centers with 1.5m sqm of warehouse space and professional services for D2C and B2B orders distributed across 7 European countries
  • 10+ Tier 1 shipping service providers like UPS, DHL, DPD and the likes
  • 15+ Shop systems (Shopify, Shopware, etc.), ERP systems (Oracle Netsuite, Weclapp, etc.) and Marketplaces (Amazon, CDiscount, etc.)

What's more: Our tech team has developed >50 interfaces for our platform users to digitally manage all key warehousing, inventory and shipping operations.

This means an automated order delivery process with full-on digital management of operations across warehouse locations and a shorter last-mile order delivery, no matter where products are sold to (location), through what sales channel or to what target audience (D2C and B2B).

Customer case study

We have various case studies available that explain our Logistics as a Service (LaaS) solution by real-case scenarios and factual insights resulting from our most popular use cases.

Simply access them for free at: https://everstox.com/resources/case-studies/

Positive feedback & testimonials

“In our day-to-day operations, we work with a large number of logistics partners that we need to keep track of. With the help of everstox, we wanted to connect our ERP system and achieve transparency of all inventory levels in affiliated warehouses in real-time. Thanks to the everstox team and their tech expertise, we were able to do this 100 percent without any problems. And with everstox, we also benefit from the automation and standardization of all our logistics processes. This leads to time savings in the operational business in our main target markets such as Germany and the UK, among others,” says Dr. Oliver Dlugosch, Co-Founder and VP Operations of the Razor Group, explaining the decision for choosing everstox.

  • read the full success story at: https://everstox.com/resources/press-releases/razor-group-brexit/

"We see everstox as a very decisive lever to accelerate our European expansion and to be able to offer our customers the best possible service with the help of the uncomplicated, short-term connection of warehouses in the required target markets" says Felix Hellenberg, Head of Operations at YFood

  • read the full success story at: https://everstox.com/resources/press-releases/yfood/

We have much more success stories with testimonials available at: https://everstox.com/resources/press-releases/



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