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EmailLabs: Cloud SMTP & Email API


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EmailLabs is a Vercom brand whose solutions enable customers and partners to overcome the complexity of communications by automating and scaling the process while maintaining high performance and efficiency - all in a fast, secure and reliable manner.

Emaillabs is a reliable email API and SMTP service from Poland. Email Delivery Service - Made Easy. Enhance your results with a powerful email API, empowering you to track, send, and receive emails across the web. Power your email intelligence SMARTER - we separate marketing from transactional emails to avoid throttling. Improve your email speed FASTER - implement a fully scalable cloud-based infrastructure and deliver emails in 0,16 seconds. Secure your reputation SAFER - rely on a robust system built on a backbone of deliverability.

Emaillabs as a transactional and marketing e-mail provider we have implemented an internal blacklist for each individual client. If a message bounces it goes on the list and the user cannot resend emails to such addresses unless he/she removes an address from the blacklist manually. Users can do it only one by one. It is impossible to delete the whole list at once. Our IP range is used by many different clients. We offer shared and dedicated servers and we only agree to send ordered messages which received direct consents from recipients. Every new user at our platform has a limit of 100 emails per day. Our staff contacts new users by phone, gets company and personal details of every user and his send outs.

Distinction from the competition

EmailLabs operates in 20 European markets. Almost each of them has native providers with different requirements regarding bandwidth or anti-spam filters. Knowing these requirements very well, we're able to tailor the mailing to the expectations of local providers such as, but our activities cover the whole Europe.

EmailLabs has contracts with Polish providers, therefore we can guarantee our foreign clients high email deliverability also on the Polish market.

In addition, we are also adapted to the requirements of global providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo where we implement the latest anti-phishing standards such as BIMI.

Product or service innovations

In the last 12 months we would like to highlight two innovations:

  1. MailChecker: check your emails’ score and quality thoroughly analyzes various elements of a marketing mailing that affect deliverability. Our tool checks emails for technical errors, e.g. whether links and attachments are damaged. Problems are also detected e.g. with message authentication, correctness of creations or RBL. In order to present all the analysis components clearly, it has been divided into 5 main thematic sections including: headers, body, ISP & DNS, Anti-Virus & Anti-Phishing and blacklist. Providers' strict rules make sending marketing emails quite a challenge these days. How to prepare e-mails, how to authenticate them, how to format creations, and what to avoid in order for the final dispatch to go where the recipient expects it to go? The answer to these questions is

  2. BIMI: Anti-Phishing Shield We have successfully completed the BIMI certification process. Implementation of this new security standard will allow us to protect ourselves even more effectively against potential spoofing or phishing, increase OR and CTR, and build better brand recognition. Additionally our email communication sent to Gmail, Yahoo and AOL users will be marked with the EmailLabs logo.

The BIMI implementation process consisted of several stages, and the basic requirements include correctly configured protocols (SPF, DKIM and DMARC) preparation of graphics and our company logo registered as a trademark. The next stage was VMC certification. Then Digicert confirmed the authenticity of the logo associated with our domain. At the end we had to publish the BIMI record in DNS of the domain.

Customer case study

EmailLabs customers range from startups to well-known brands. On our website we detail how we empower both small and large businesses.

Positive feedback & testimonials

EmailLabs reviews are available on Capterra and on our website


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