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E-Commerce Suite: The Tool for Automated Personalized Product Descriptions

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AX Semantics is the AI-powered content and e-commerce solution for the digital age. We give companies superpowers to create hyper-personalized content at scale that helps them grow and thrive.

AX Semantics’ E-Commerce Suite optimizes customer experience — turning a generic online product page into a hyper-personalized sales pitch. AX Semantics’ E-Commerce Suite leverages real-time user data to generate personalized product descriptions, category pages, and shopping cart incentives that are hyper-targeted toward each unique site visitor. Every product page becomes a personal sales pitch that considers each customer’s motivations and interests — allowing brands to display the right message to the right person, boost conversions by as much as 30%, reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales. All of this in more than 110 languages.

The move to ubiquitous e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an overwhelming demand for quality content. Companies need the right tools to reduce their time entering markets, boost conversion rates and internationalize their content. Hiring people to write a large volume of content is expensive and impossible to scale. There are also emerging business challenges including skyrocketing returns, the dominance of giants like Amazon and Google and slow tech adoption.

AX Semantics’ E-Commerce Suite allows it to create content at scale and hyper-personalize it: A new technical possibility to address customers individually on product page level and thus to strengthen the customer relationship massively. This is an essential strategy to compete against e-commerce giants and make a difference in the highly competitive market.

Distinction from the competition

AX Semantics is a pioneer in automating and personalizing e-commerce content. The personalization activities of today's systems automate the addressing of individual customer clusters, but are not able to adapt the text to different customer groups. This would require many text blocks to be written by hand - a considerable effort that retailers understandably avoid. As a result, in relation to otherwise well-optimized online stores, the PDP (product detail pages) are significantly less optimized. A major deficit.

With Automated Text Creation, the customization of text content for many customers is possible in an automated manner and, depending on the customer journey, suitable new content is played out in context.

Product or service innovations

AX Metrics: For several years, all online shops have been optimizing with the same approaches (individual background colors, pictures, …). The only way to differentiate vs. competitors is optimization of written content, primarily product descriptions. But nobody likes to spent time on product detail pages. With Metrics, the content team will be transformed from cost center to profit center! Success related to product descriptions can be measured and improved. Metrics gathers data and provides statistical analytics on content giving you the perfect basis to boost e-commerce business. KPIs we are measuring: Pageviews - page was loaded Engagement - generated content was visible Engagement Rate - engagement/pageviews Conversions - user interactions (add to cart, direct checkout, wishlist) Click Trough Rate - conversions/pageviews

Personalized Commerce: Two key factors are coming together: the information websites are capturing about visitors and customers, and the maturation of AI-powered natural language generation (NLG) technology. Texts can be not only automated but also personalized. Information about the product is tailored to fit the context of the current visitor and is GDPR compliant.

Customer case study

As an online store for very specific tools, the company relies on technology not only in its product range but also in all other aspects of its business. Like many online stores, the company is facing the challenge of presenting the products in the store in an appealing way and supporting the purchase with a relevant product description.

Stephan Bayer, CEO of Metav Werkzeuge GmbH considers the highly technical, similar products that have very subtle differences to be a significant advantage in the online store. At the same time, though, this was the type of task that couldn’t be done adequately by his team of 4.

Metav started using AX Semantics as text automation tool in the store at the beginning of the year. Together with the implementation of the e-commerce suite of AX Semantics, the company has personalized one of its first descriptions.

In just one week, Metav Werkzeuge GmbH has implemented the e-commerce suite, which is the personalization of automated descriptions and the relevant dashboard into its store. After only one month, astounding changes are clearly visible: In comparison to non-personalized content, the personalized descriptions convert with 57% more. The unpersonalized descriptions currently convert to an average of 4.9%, while the personalized product descriptions convert 7.7%. The conversion is determined by shopping card entries.

In addition, when personalized descriptions of the product are displayed as opposed to "plain" text, the online store records a 29% higher engagement rate on the product page. The engagement rate is an indication of how much the buyer interacts with the product description, perceives it and engages with it.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Now that Metav Werkzeuge GmbH has automated a large part of its product descriptions, they have also personalized them. After the first results were visible, Stephan Bayer, CEO of Metav Werkeuge GmbH, commented as follows: "Of course, we had hoped that personalization would result in higher conversion, but the fact that after one month an increase of 55% in the number of purchases has already arrived with the personalized descriptions exceeds our expectations."

One of AX Semantics customers is SSI Schäfer Shop GmbH - a leading European B2B office supply company with 85,000 products. Their content team used to write product descriptions manually, which was very expensive and time-consuming. Now they use AX Semantics Software to generate meaningful product descriptions. Their results through the use of AX Semantics are cost reductions per written product description by 88% and a productivity increase of written content of 1500%. In addition the automatically generated product descriptions have led to a 5% improvement of the conversion rate in the store.

One of AX Semantics users is an international online shop that sells and delivers goods to more than 20 countries, primarily in Europe but also in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Their status quo before they started using AX Software: They needed content in multiple languages because the quality of the existing content was poor and writing it took a lot of time. Within 6 months using AX Semantics, they have generated 3,000 unique and quality product descriptions in 17 languages. Now they are able to address each target country with unique and meaningful content in their native language.


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