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Filerobot Digital Asset Management


Product or service description

Filerobot is a next-generation, European-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform, focused on performance, scalability and data privacy. It is the backbone of end-user Digital Experiences and a core pillar of the eCommerce tech-stack.

It is available in two flavours: Headless DAM and Collaborative (traditional) DAM.

Headless DAM is aimed at developers, engineers and product teams. It consists of one content backend (a universal-source-of-truth), accessed through command-line, that allows for the integration and sharing of content to an unlimited number of applications and teams, achieved through an extensive set of APIs.

Collaborative DAM is aimed at content, design and marketing teams. It provides a graphical user interface for these teams to collaborate and manage content with.

Filerobot also provides powerful AI and Machine Learning and AI capabilities to accelerate content workflows and drive efficiency within the teams working with or relying on, content.

Distinction from the competition

Filerobot is the only European DAM platform built for media performance - imperative for conversion and SEO.

It is also uniquely engineered to MACH standards (Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless). MACH architecture is important for eCommerce companies, as content is required by many different teams, platforms and tools - the agility provided by MACH architecture allows for the building of custom content workflows that serves these multiple (and growing!) channels and stakeholders optimally.

Product or service innovations

In the last 12 months, there have been two major innovations in the Filerobot platform.

Firstly: the development of our ASK Filerobot capability - where our customers can work with Scaleflex engineers to build custom AI and Machine Learning algorithms specific to their environment. This helps dramatically increase the speed of categorization and other areas of content workflows.

Secondly: the integration of our RUM (Real User Monitoring) analytics. RUM provides crystal clear insights into the performance of the content published to the web from Filerobot. This allows eCommerce teams to understand which are their most popular items, in which regions, in real-time.

Customer case study

One of our customers in Europe - - a Belgian platform for online car advertisements, providing all the information you need for the car of your dreams. With more than 60,000 cars online, the platform addresses both private and professional users. Every day, there are more than 100,000 visitors at

The Challenge of GoCar: As part of the project to redesign the user journey when creating ads, the development team’s priority was to integrate a multi-functional uploader with a gallery and image editor in React.

In addition, an upload module with additional functionality (tagging) was needed for the back office in pure JS.

The Solution: Filerobot offers a unique combination of Digital Asset Management and Media Optimization (images, videos, static files). Among the modules included in this Headless DAM, the Filerobot Media Asset Widget encompasses a multitude of media management features that saved Gocar’s teams several weeks of development time.

Key Success Factors:

Integration of the widget in half a day on two web applications (one in React, the other in pure JS), saving several weeks of development and QA. Modularity allows the customization of the widget according to the use cases. Clean and easy to use interface for the end-users. Easy and efficient uploading via the distributed ingestion infrastructure (called “reverse CDN”). Pre-upload resizing of original images to speed up upload and reduce media gallery storage space. Integrated image editor for on-the-fly editing. A scalable solution thanks to optional modules such as taking pictures via the user’s smartphone camera on the on-site mobile version.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Scaleflex recently won the 2021 Tech Award from the French Chamber of Commerce, a testament to our product innovation, growth and market positioning.


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