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Online Media Net (OMN)

Votes: 30

Product or service description

Online Media Net (OMN) supports marketers in the optimal handling of their marketing data in order to effectively address customers on all information and sales channels. From the right data procurement, to perfect content creation, to effective data distribution! No other system on the market bundles the breadth of omnichannel marketing in a single solution. Whether holistic, integrated or modular. Online Media Net is tailored to your [marketing] needs, flexible and state-of-the-art.

Distinction from the competition

With new and innovative AI-based services, Online Media Net manages to automate many time- and resource-consuming processes, giving marketers the chance to dedicate themselves to creative tasks to create a unique customer experience.

Product or service innovations
  • Use of the latest interface technology with HTML5 based on Angular
  • Revised design concept – Self-explanatory design concept for intuitive usability (Direct insight into InDesign documents or PDFs increases efficiency when working. The improved tools for online content editing, for example, allow correction workflows to take place without separate software.)
  • Integrated editors with state-of-the-art tools (The editors in OMN offer options for determining snippets and editing images online. Documents, online banners and social media snippets can be designed according to the corporate identity in the Patch+Brief plug-in, independent of the agency. Product information can be edited in table mode - Excel-style editing - "easy"!)
  • Integration of Elasticsearch to enable even faster searching within OMN
  • Development of many AI-based services for example AI-Mask to fully automate the image cropping process
Customer case study

We have a lot of Customer Stories which describe the use of our products. You can take a look here: https://apollon.de/en/knowledge/download/ or direct a Case Study e.g.

  • Popken Fashion Group: https://apollon.de/en/knowledge/download/success-story-popken-fashion-gmbh/
  • Hellmut Ruck: https://apollon.de/en/knowledge/download/success-story-hellmut-ruck-gmbh-2/
Positive feedback & testimonials

"With Online Media Net, our omnichannel marketing has reached a new level. The system noticeably increases the flexibility of our marketing campaigns on all channels and supports us with secure processes - even as we expand our business activities in new markets." Dr. Hans-Joachim Schöffel, Managing Director Popken Fashion Group

"What convinced us most about OMN was the wide range of customization options. These can be perfectly displayed in the system according to the company focus and the respective product requirements. All channels can be used centrally and uniformly.” Simeon Ruck, Managing Director/CEO Hellmut Ruck



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Winners of E-commerce Germany Awards 2021

The 2021 E-commerce Germany Awards were announced during the Ceremony that took place on 2021

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Do you want a free ticket to visit E-commerce Berlin Expo on 5th May 2022? 5 stages of presentations, over 180 exhibitors.

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E-commerce Germany Awards 2022

Networking Party & Awards Ceremony

  • 4th May 2022

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