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full-stack fulfillment for eCommerce


Product or service description

Omnipack provides full-stack fulfillment and logistics services for eCommerce companies, including storage, packaging, shipping, return management and more. Thanks to the combination of the highest quality operations and our own technology, we provide our clients with stable and flexible solutions, ensuring logistics at the level of top global giants. We focus on the eCommerce industry, from which we support over 100 companies from all over Europe. Omnipack’s clients include Motorola, Wish, Bizuu, Olsen, Australian Bodycare and many others.

Distinction from the competition

Our services are tailor-made for the needs of D2C online stores, particularly medium-sized operations. This allows them to compete with industry giants on equal terms, with the ability to service customers in the same way. We also satisfy the expectations of modern consumers with our strong orientation towards eco-friendly products and practices. Our warehouses are BREEAM-certified, we promote waste segregation and supply ecological packaging options. We also offer among the best delivery-time and price terms for cross-border shipments.

Product or service innovations

We became one of the few fulfillment services that are fully integrated with Shopify through a dedicated application. In addition to this, we implemented a unique service that connects our warehouse operations with each merchant partner. It allows them to manage their communication with us, deciding which updates should be delivered as notifications, which as emails, which as summaries and which are not shared at all.

Customer case study

In the year from April of 2020 to April of 2021, PanPablo, a client operating in the apparel sector, saw their orders increase by 234% while working with us.

When the brand started its fulfillment in Omnipack, they occupied 154 sqm of the warehouse capacity. Since then, their business expanded and they now take up 199 sqm. Thanks to storage method optimization, the number of products that can be kept in such a space has grown even more. At the very beginning, PanPablo had around 16 thousand products. Now, their stock consists of 40 thousand products, which means that in space only 29% bigger we are able to store 150% more products.

Positive feedback & testimonials

"As our logistics partner, Omnipack addresses our needs regarding constant sales growth and entering new online channels. We chose Omnipack because of the possibility of integrating their platform with our logistics and accounting systems. Thanks to that solution, we can automate some of the order fulfillment processes and speed them up. Moreover, we value extraordinary care for packing our orders. At Bizuu, we pack them in 12 different ways (depending on the collection or amount of products in one order)." - Bizuu, Omnipack's merchant


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