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Billie Boost – Pay After Delivery for B2B-Ecommerce

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Billie Boost is Germany's premier Pay After Delivery ('Rechnungskauf') payment solution for B2B online shops. Upon implementation of the Billie E-commerce shop-system plugin, shoppers can pay on invoice directly in the checkout -- Billie's award-winning B2B-scoring algorithm identifies the company that wants to check out in real-time and assigns an appropriate credit limit. Merchants profit from increased conversion rates, instantly unlocked liquidity and protection against customer defaults.

Distinction from the competition
  • Built exclusively for B2B: Our unique scoring engine excels at identifying companies of all shape or size: We have by far the highest identification & acceptance rates in the industry.
  • Increased conversion rates in the checkout: In a B2B context, Pay after Delivery ('Rechnungskauf') is by far the most popular payment method. Offering it in a convenient and instant way increases conversion rates in the checkout at up to 40%.
  • Smooth and easy: Billie takes care of all back-office operations after the checkout: Dunning, insurance against customer default and payments handling are all part of the Billie Boost full-service package.
Product or service innovations
  • Billie offers the first Pay After Delivery checkout solution that has been built specifically for B2B customers.
  • Compatibility with all popular e-commerce shop systems ensures that new customers can get started within days.
Customer case study

Contorion is one of Germany's largest e-commerce shop for craft & trade products. Therefore it's no surprise that two thirds of Contorion's customer base is B2B, and generally has very large transaction sizes. Contorion implemented Billie back in 2018 because their previous Pay After Delivery provider was mostly focused on B2C transactions and couldn't handle B2B specifics very well (limits were too small, decision processes took too long etc).

Implementing Billie Boost was a breeze and Contorion was live within weeks. Nowadays, the bulk of Contorion's B2B customers checks out via Billie, which has lead to a 30% increase on revenue for this customer type.


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