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Innovative Growth Finance for Online Brands

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The innovative fintech pioneer of digital lending fulfin is changing how e-commerce companies finance their growth and redefining the improvement of liquidity provision for e-commerce companies. fulfin provides ecommerce companies with fast and flexible working capital loans allowing online retailers to focus entirely on their growth fulfin offers its’ customers financing via its digital platform, enabling a paperless and completely digital process.

fulfin uses proprietary risk scoring based on ecommerce data to assess a customer's creditworthiness and a flexible collateral framework to mitigate risk, which allows fulfin to serve a greater range of clients than other lenders and to offer these clients much higher loan amounts to accelerate their growth

Founded by a team of experts in ecommerce, logistics and risk management fulfin is one of the fastest growing fintech lenders in Europe.

fulfin offers: Supply Chain Finance Warehouse financing Flexible collateral-backed working capital loans

fulfin's innovative product is primarily aimed at young fast-growing marketplace sellers and D2C brands as these entrepreneurs are currently inadequately served by banks and alternative lenders. Fulfin is suitable for amazon and eBay merchants as well as JTL, Shopify, Shopware, and Magento sellers.

Distinction from the competition

fulfin enables its customers to optionally use their inventory as security for the loan given and repay it from the sales success. That is unique in this segment, as the financing is individually adapted to the needs of the online retailer. Merchants are able to configure their loan on the online platform and instantaneously receive a firm price. The loan decision typically takes less than 48 hrs,

The start-up offers e-commerce retailers loans via its own digital platform. The fulfin scoring model looks at the e-commerce sales data, product, and financial data. Using API interfaces to online marketplaces, online shopping platforms and andbanks the fintech can get a precise picture of its customers financial health. No other financial service providers analyse the e-commerce data of sellers as intensively as fulfin does. The innovative e-commerce scoring and collateral model enables the company to better understand the true risk of its customers and drastically reduces the risk of lending. That enables fulfin to offer far better conditions and growth opportunities than other alternative lenders do.

Product or service innovations

At the very beginning of the previous year, our newly launched platform - with integrations to amazon and also German Business Bank accounts - was finally available to fulfins customers.

By innovating across technology, legal, and risk management, the fintech company has also gained a strong competitive advantage. As a result, fulfin can often grant attractively priced loans of up to €250.000 to online merchants, who are rejected by traditional lenders.

For this process, fulfin uses innovative and proprietary risk scoring and a collateral model developed in-house to assess a customer's creditworthiness as all e-commerce sales data, product, and financial data get looked at. Besides, working on the client management and registration process has made online applications faster and more flexible.In the same way, financial planning tools for merchants have also been improved.

Moreover, the merchant dashboard now includes tools for liquidity and inventory management, as well, which should make it easier for fulfins customers to keep track of their day-to-day business.

Finally, it should also be mentioned that fulfin will leverage the ability to monitor online sales to release a loan product where future revenues will be used to collateralize a loan.

Customer case study

Case Study: Turn marketplace balance into liquidity

A Merchant selling FFP2 masks experiences a huge increase in sales in January 2021 due to the wearing of these masks being declared compulsory in Germany, This leads to a large balance on the amazon account that is not available to him for 2-4 weeks. At the same time his supplier demands prepayment to continue the exclusive supply relationship and ramp up deliveries.

The fulfin platform verified the e-commerce sales performance of the Merchant, as well as the account balance and a collateralized loan, which was granted within 24 hrs enabling the merchant to pay his supplier and prevent disruptions to his business.

Positive feedback & testimonials


''We are very satisfied with fulfin’s successes to date and look forward to accompanying the fulfin team in continuing the impressive development of the company. The team has the right combination of expertise in bank-independent financing, e-commerce and risk management,'' Markus Kreipl, Hevella Capital.

“Viele, insbesondere kleinere und mittelgroße Amazon-Seller können nicht so schnell wachsen, wie sie wollen, weil sie ihre Ware mehr als drei Monate im Voraus bezahlen müssen. fulfin hilft bei der Warenvorfinanzierung und integriert dieses Angebot mit einer digitalisierten Warenlagerlösung – eine intelligente Finanzierungs- und Supply-Chain-Lösung mit voller Kosten- und Bestandstransparenz, zugeschnitten auf die Bedürfnisse von Sellern.” Hauke Hansen, Lakeside Capital

Mass media has shown a continuous interest in fulfin and its’ successful founding, growth and investment rounds - as seen on our press page https://www.fulfin.com/de/presse/


"Fulfin hilft uns dabei unsere Pläne zu realisieren und unser Wachstum noch stärker voranzutreiben. Das alles unkompliziert und schnell." - Benno, MM Commerce

“Früher hatte ich Angst, dass mir der Lagervorrat ausgeht, was meinem wichtigen Verkäufer-Ranking schaden würde. Mit Fulfin bin ich jetzt immer bereit zu liefern und alle meine Verkäufe sind gesichert!” - Ben, Lens Aid

More customer feedback is available at https://www.fulfin.com/de/reviews/


The fintech has also been able to bring well-known partners on board and has recently been cooperating with Penta Bank, forto and händlerbund. “Unser zuverlässiger Partner fulfin, ermöglicht einfache Einkaufsfinanzierungen für unsere Kunden” Tim Arlt, COO, Händlerbund.

Further partners can be seen here: https://www.fulfin.com/de/unsere-partner/



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