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Full Service Payment for Worldwide acceptance & growth

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Novalnet is a Full-service Payment Provider challenging the traditional payment industry by bridging payment & technology into a simple end-to-end solution for online business models. The ‘all-in-one’ solution provides competitive edge for B2B & B2C customers to grow and scale worldwide with all payment-related requirements and value-added services from checkout to debt collection. Novalnet offers a wide range of fully automated services under one roof, eliminating the need to sign multiple contracts with diverse companies such as banks, acquirers, billing firms, fraud prevention agencies, debt collection agencies, etc. The innovative payment solution avails all the necessary services with one single contract, resulting in lower costs and increased turnover.

Novalnet’s SaaS payment engine was built to cover the full payment value chain with 200+ payment types, risk management, real-time invoicing, coupon/vouchers, dunning & debt collection, subscription & member management, transaction monitoring & reporting, debtor management, affiliate/marketplace management and dedicated technical support & project management as required. As a pioneer in payment services Novalnet leads the way in expanding global reach and maximum acceptance as well as higher conversion for its customers. We are driven by the values that define us as a company that creates innovative payment opportunities achieved through our commitment to usability, simplicity, security, scalability and flexibility. Our focus on innovation helps us to deliver robust and up-to-date payment technologies ensuring that our 12.000 customers operating in 3 different continents have access to the most reliable and advanced payment partner.

Distinction from the competition

As an international full-service PSP, Novalnet’s 'onestop solution‘ covers a host of value-added services from checkout to debt collection. Our PCI-DSS Level 1 certified modular & flexible proprietary platform (SaaS) offers the following core features. Unified payment platform connecting businesses globally across multiple channels via a single contract and integration. Single interface connecting 200+ payment methods giving clients the global reach (EMEA, North America, LATAM & APAC). Supports 150+ processing currencies & remittance in 24 currencies (like for like) including granular reporting across multiple settlement accounts allowing international businesses to pay and receive funds anywhere, anytime in their preferred currencies. Comprehensive & fully integrated fraud management solution driven by machine learning and AI technologies. Fully integrated scalable marketplace solution that facilitates global onboarding (KYC & Screening), invoicing & remittance for global marketplace operators. Automated invoicing, real-time reporting and data exports in multiple formats in sync with various accounting/book keeping systems such as SAP, Navision, Datev, Salesforce, etc. Optimise shopping experience and user-friendliness via smart payment selection, tokenization, one-click payment, cross-shop payment etc. Transaction & turnover monitoring across multiple channels – mobile, apps, marketplace etc. Extensive integrated collection and receivables management carried out locally in 100+ countries with an efficient, data-driven and maximally customer-centric approach. Offers easy to install pre-built "Payment to GO" plugins for over 100+ systems including ERP, CRM, WAWI, CMS as well as other self developed and free programmed systems. Global businesses can leverage on Novalnet’s payment platform is constantly evolving with the tools and expertise to drive International business expansion – fast, safe, and scalable.

Product or service innovations

Invested in Salesforce, Oro-Commerce & SAP Commerce Cloud extensions by implementing all functions/features for enhanced user-experience and checkout optimization complying with PSD2. Developed new "Payment to GO plugins" for popular shop systems such as Shopify, Shopware, Lightspeed etc. Launched NovalPay - new Instant payment method for Euro Zone covering the whole value chain - from payment initiation to back-office processing and clearing & settlement within seconds. This payment method will improve how ecommerce businesses get paid by using open banking to power account to account payments. Launched NovalShield, advanced fraud management solution to help protect against fraud and increase approval rates by leveraging on Machine learning, Issuer Intelligence & Rules Engine. Offers virtual IBANs in 12 currencies enabling consumer to transfer money without payment reference. Launched dedicated online marketplace solution providing operators with higher online visibility coupled with the end-to-end administration of their sales transactions and in compliance with financial regulations and security standards such as PSD2. In addition, e-wallet and app payment types were also included in the portfolio, along with smart payment link for offline companies impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Enhanced simplicity and ease of use via one-click payment selection and activation as well as drag-and-drop payment display. Fully automated international dunning & debt collection covering 50+ countries.

Customer case study

CUSTOMER CASE – AXA Group Company profile: AXA Group is an international insurance group with an annual turnover of approx € 99 billion with a focus on Western Europe, North America & Asia-Pacific, managing assets to the tune of €1.30 trillion. Challenge: AXA’s clearing and settlement processes for credit card payments were intricate, and the reporting processes, including reports generation, led to numerous challenges - lost revenues, customer disputes, audits picking up bookkeeping, etc. To operate successfully in different regions and in a highly complex environment, it was imperative to have a solution with better control over fees, daily remittances, refunds, account balances & chargebacks. Solution: AXA implemented Novalnet’s payment solution that includes ‘reconciliation management.’ The solution was in line with their technical and financial processes. Even the layout and content of check-out pages (for multiple channels & regions) were developed with user-friendly designs facilitating a seamless customer journey. Result: Able to eliminate AXA’s operational difficulties by streamlining all reporting into a unified overview ensuring payments were correctly received and processing fees were in line with the service contract. It also offered flexibility to generate and customise reports in multiple formats allowing better control, accuracy and secure revenues. AXA became the first insurance company to successfully deploy a modern payment process and procedure for insurance products in the online space eliminating the need to establish multiple contracts with different companies such as banks, credit card acquirers, fraud prevention providers, debt collection companies, affiliate platforms, PCI-compliant platform providers, etc in different regions. Thus Novalnet’s full-service solution has provided AXA with a reliable infrastructure that enables its business to expand in other major Euopean markets with a single contract.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Novalnet manage the portfolio of 12.000 companies, empowering them with revolutionary merchant and banking services by constantly adding new payment methods and implementing innovative solutions. Some of the global brands such as Adidas, AXA, Allianz, Avon, Caritas, eKomi, FAZ, Deutsche Telekom, Fraport, Jungheinrich, Stadt Bayern etc entrust us with their financial futures.

We’re working strenuously in enabling our clients to succeed in a constantly evolving payment landscape by delivering a seamless solution across multiple channels and platforms. Because their successes have been and will continue to be the measure of ours.


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