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Actindo Digital Operations Plattform (ehem. Unified Commerce Suite)

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Actindo offers the first and only fully interconnected solution for building up valuable customer relationships while digitizing key business processes. The unique Actindo Core1 platform helps you unify all your system environments and touchpoints into a powerful complete solution for the e-commerce of the future.

The Actindo Core1 Digital Operations Platform is a complete e-commerce operations platform, best suited for mid-sized and large retail companies. It is a one-of-a-kind and extremely flexible solution that supports end-to-end basic commerce processes such as PIM, ETL & datahub, order management, shipping, warehousing, purchasing, accounting, POS integration, and business intelligence. Moreover, the Core1 lets companies integrate and modernize their legacy systems and various contact points by fusing them seamlessly into state-of-the-art e-commerce environments for efficient, flexible, and scalable digital commerce.

The Core 1 offers, for example, a live interface integration to a central warehouse and allows for stock to be rolled out per marketplace and via a special in-house developed warehouse matrix. Furthermore, the centralized Actindo Datahub is responsible for preparing and cleaning up data and processes for connecting to numerous online channels.

Actindo shows that even legacy IT systems, such as SAP & AS/400, can be modernized and transformed in just a few weeks into an efficient unified commerce environment with the help of our smart Digital Operations Platform.

Distinction from the competition

Here are some reasons why Actindo is the right e-commerce solution for your business: • A perfect fit for any existing commerce setup, thanks to our flexible API-First & Tech-Stack approach • Actindo Core1 can be used as a central standalone solution or scalable middleware for existing IT infrastructures • Get a 360 degree overview across all touchpoints for a seamless omnichannel experience • Efficient processes & workflows through intelligent automation and powerful analytics • Actindo Core1 is scalable, intuitive, and requires no custom code or special skills to independently manage day-to-day operations

Our one-of-a-kind ERP Features in detail:

• Integrated ETL & EDI functions: Data is being read and processed from a wide variety of sources and is made available to every connected touchpoint via a central Actindo DataHub.

• Actindo PIM: Product data for all sales channels and touchpoints can be managed centrally in real-time and based on consistent and accurate data streams.

• ActindoFlux: Actindo offers a powerful Enterprise Service Bus and Business Process Manager. They allow companies the necessary flexibility and scalability to update processes and connect APIs easily and without the need for coding knowledge. Additionally, ActindoFlux helps companies implement future requirements quickly and efficiently.

The Actindo Core1 Digital Operations Platform is an Integration Platform as a Service and a comprehensive Commerce Operating System with a wide variety of modules and functionalities. This allows it to be implemented within weeks and helps all kinds of commerce companies to work efficiently and optimize their processes.

Using loosely coupled and highly adaptable modules, the system can be individually and flexibly tailored to business requirements and special customer needs.

Seamless integration into all kinds of company IT-systems (incl. Legacy IT) and flawless liaison of company-wide data silos are further benefits of the Core1 Platform.

Product or service innovations

01/2020: Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration

02/2020: SAP B1 Integration

04/2020: Magento-2 Integration

06/2020: EDIFACT / XML-EDIFACT & AS2 Integration - Integration of all EDI message types and transport of data via AS2 to and between the company ERP system, customers and suppliers

08/2020: Actindo Flux (Enterprise Service Bus, Process Orchestration & Process Integration) - Process Integration / Process Orchestration graphically with no need for coding-knowledge and tools

09/2020: Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration

11/2020: Launch of the Actindo Digital Operations Platform

Datahub/ETL, PIM, ERP, Enterprise Service Bus and Process Integration/Orchestration in one complete and flexible platform as middleware, frontend ERP and a full-on ERP solution

Customer case study


The Actindo Core1 Digital Operations Platform serves ETERNA as a basis for modernizing its legacy SAP and AS/400 infrastructure for all types of end customer processes and touchpoints corporation wide. It offers, for example, a live connection to the central stock and, via a warehouse matrix, allows inventories to be rolled out separately and simultaneously for several marketplaces. At the middle level, the central Actindo Datahub is responsible for preparing data and processes for connecting online channels. From here, fashion platforms such as Zalando, Amazon and Otto are automatically populated with product data. The company's own web shop also receives product information from the datahub: The shop system runs on shopware and has additionally stores in 9 European countries. The system operates with country-specific translations and payment options. Furthermore, a subshop of the master store also functions as a B2B platform and allows corporate customers to order their corporate clothing with individual logo embroidery directly online. The process of mass customization of custom-made shirts has also been incorporated into Actindo logic. Last but not least, Actindo offers a PoS system as a modern and mobile POS solution. In this way, ETERNA has created an efficient platform for customer-centric Unified Commerce with the solutions and know-how of Actindo.

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“Actindo supports us with the help of their Digital Operations Plattform, a cloud solution of especially high quality, with their numerous API-connections to various marketplaces, as well as an integrated partner for our webshop and sub-shops.” - Helmut Kandlbinder, CFO Eterna

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