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Sana Commerce Cloud

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Sana Commerce is an e-commerce platform designed to help manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers succeed by fostering lasting relationships with customers who depend on them. How? By making your SAP or Microsoft Dynamics ERP and e-commerce work as one.

With Sana Commerce Cloud we offer the only real-time ERP-integrated e-commerce solution built to enable business evolution and foster lasting customer relationships, offering:

  • The same, foolproof SAP and Microsoft Dynamics ERP integration our customers have always loved,
  • Paired with brand-new design capabilities, cutting edge technology, and unrivaled performance.
Distinction from the competition

Our tight integration with Dynamics and SAP ERPs has always been at the center of what makes Sana Commerce such a strong partner for businesses looking to embrace digital and business transformation. We make your ERP and e-commerce work as one, eliminating the system silos, unnecessary complexities and compromises caused by mainstream e-commerce solutions. Instead, our approach unlocks 3 key benefits that enable you to build lasting relationships with your customers: total customer convenience, reliability without compromise, and constant evolution.

Product or service innovations

• Fast-performing Front-end rebuilt in React with a B2B optimized check-out • A brand-new Visual Designer for more intuitive, user-friendly content management • UX optimized Sana Admin for easier shop administration • Improved integration with third-party marketplaces & email marketing tools • Frontend API to build out headless, API-based front-end experiences

Positive feedback & testimonials

Danish green energy company Verdo A/S, who has seen revenue growth of 50% since using Sana Commerce, was given a first look at the new product and said, “I’m impressed – Sana Commerce Cloud is about going that extra mile for the customer. Our clients are less concerned about negotiating the last couple of Euros, but do want to see that it’s easy to do business with us. Sana supports this. We’re much more in touch with our B2B customers [following the implementation of the current Sana platform]. Sana Commerce Cloud is going to make it very easy to launch specific campaigns using the new content module. And the continuous updates and fast webpage load times will make it convenient for customers,” says Peter Berggreen Olesen, e-commerce manager at Verdo A/S.


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