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The expansion of Backbone Europe is rounded off by the implementation of an AI-based DDoS protection program that automatically detects and fends off attacks, which is why we can speak of a "self-healing infrastructure".

Distinction from the competition

The danger of DDoS attacks has been a topic in the industry and also for Anexia for years. The statistics continue to report a massive increase in the number of attacks. Thanks to years of experience in this area, Anexia was able to plan the Backbone Europe project in a targeted and effective manner. Despite a long planning phase, Backbone Europe comes at exactly the right time: Thanks to the modernized network, Anexia succeeded in March 2018 in quickly and safely fending off the largest DDoS attack ever measured in Austria.

Product or service innovations

Connection to Swiss Internet node SwissIX with multiple 10GE Connection to Munich server location with multiple 10GE


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