Product or service description

Customers can scale their businesses with ChannelAdvisor as a trusted solution. We unique for the possibility of helping businesses scale internationally. We have exceptionally good networks to help customers in their international expansion.

Distinction from the competition

We are the only one stop solution provider that combines Digital Marketing, Where to Buy AND Marketplace integrations. Our customers can access our services on one robust platform. Having more than $10B flowing through our platform gives us access to insights and trends. This enables our teams and our clients to be proactive rather than reactive to trends in e-commerce. Our global support, close partnerships with key channels, two decades of expertise and reliable integrations enable our customers to scale their business/operations with ease. Our clients can rely on ChannelAdvisor for both international and channel expansion.

Product or service innovations

Velocity repricer - automatically adjusts pricing to encourage movement of stale items and quickly configure velocity rules that encourage sales and increase margins. Amazon Advertising module - offers greater flexibility, saves time and gives our users control. Outstanding features: Automated Bid Manager and Keyword Automation. Where to Buy - our reporting dashboard gives access to data on how consumers on the brand sites interact with their retail partners.


Winners of E-commerce Germany Awards 2021

The 2021 E-commerce Germany Awards were announced during the Ceremony that took place on 2021

E-commerce Germany Awards 2022

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