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Mollie is a pioneer in the payments industry and one of Europe’s fastest-growing financial services providers. Founded in 2004, the firm facilitates small and medium-sized businesses from the e-commerce segment to scale and grow with fast and flexible financing and an easy-to-use payments API that offers multiple payment methods. Mollie’s mission is to simplify complex financial services to become the world’s most loved financial services provider.

Unterscheidung von der Konkurrenz

In total, Mollie offers more than 10 products to its over 130.000 customers – from quickly integrating all major payment methods to a webshop by using free plugins or building own payment products with the robust yet simple API to Mollie Capital (see below) to components like a dashboard with real time data and insights. The overall goal is to simplify SMB E-commerce companies financial services and support them in their growth.

What makes Mollie stand out, besides its state-of-the-art technologies and products, is the local approach. Mollie knows how important it is to have not only an understanding of the individual local demands, but also having a local expert and contact person to talk to when in need. This is why Mollie has multiple offices and teams around Europe and assigns a local contact person to every SMB who is going to accompany the client along the journey. Whenever questions and challenges arise, their clients can rely on a contact person who is familiar to them and knows the company and the local characteristics from the back of their hands.

Produkt- oder Dienstleistungsinnovationen

SMBs often face challenges when it comes to financing, and traditional loans can be time-consuming and complex to secure – and come with high interest rates. That’s why, in December 2022, Mollie launched “Mollie Capital”, a fast and flexible financing for ecommerce businesses.

With this new feature, Mollie is taking the next step in its development - namely from a pure payment service provider to a comprehensive financial service provider. With its new offering, Mollie provides small and medium-sized online retailers with a fast and flexible alternative to conventional bank loans. In order to actively support SMBs in the e-commerce sector in particular for their sustainable growth, they can now apply for funding of up to €250,000. The application is made with just a few clicks and is usually processed the same day or the next day. No interest is paid on the funding; instead, companies pay a one-time fixed sum.

Case Study

As described in the previous answer, please find a variety of success stories and case studies via the following link:

Positive feedback & testimonials

“The payment structure is the backbone of your business, so you have to feel confident with the payment service provider you partner with. I have that feeling with Mollie”, say Restocks founder Fouad Hamaidouch. Restocks is a reselling platform for sneakers with over 100 Million $ in sales 2021. Of course, payments are an instrumental part of any business, whether just starting out or expanding internationally. And for Hamaidouch, Mollie was the perfect partner as Restocks “From the moment we started with Mollie, they were there for us. I spoke to other providers, but they were all focused on larger businesses. With Mollie, It was different. We have a very personal connection, are always in direct contact, and they’ve been with us for every step of our journey.” For Hamaidouch, the effortless aspect of Mollie’s product makes driving growth simple. “The hosted checkout and other payments features are great for increasing conversions. The UI is seamless and delivers everything our customers need in each market – the local language, currency, and payment methods. “Our developers love it as the API is easy to integrate, and it’s very reliable. We also love the dashboard, which makes it easy to track and manage our payments and business results. “I always feel so supported by Mollie. It’s a big company, but you still get that personal connection and can grow together. Our Mollie customer success manager is also proactive in reaching out and offering us guidance and insights about how to improve what we do.” More info on these and many more success stories can be found via the link:



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