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CUUUB® is the innovative 3D solution in virtual environments. The combination of a high-performance web system and an impressive indoor viewer creates a breathtaking virtual experience for your customers.

Many companies would like to create a realistic experience for online customers, whilst optimizing the presentation of their products online beyond the unimaginative tile design of conventional 2D web shops. CUUUB® has made this possible. The virtual setting completely transforms the consumer experience. Display products with unique solutions in real, digitized flagship stores, showrooms, exhibitions or booths. Or even better: Allow us to curate and digitize a whole new exhibition space for you.

CUUUB® technology is responsive, runs on all popular browsers and is highly intuitive for users. In addition to a captivating spatial XR experience, CUUUB® gives customers the ability to explore virtual rooms, to seek advice and interact with others. The CUUUB® voice and video guide through your product world further enhances the virtual experience, taking it into a class of its own.
The strength of CUUUB® lies in its modular extensibility. We are constantly developing new features which can be integrated into your system to match your requirements. Existing modules include guided tours, virtual events and 3d webshops.

CUUUB® is the leading 3D eCommerce system and offers the possibility of virtually strolling through entire city centres, airports and shopping districts. Shopping in several shops and finally paying for all items together is a real gamechanger in the eCommerce sector.

Unterscheidung von der Konkurrenz

CUUUB® is highly customizable and flexible to fit the needs of any customer and user. Additionally, CUUUB® is unique in its approach to merge analogue and digital experiences, representing real world environments in a digital space by creating a digital twin. By materializing our 3D worlds through the real world, we create relatable and immersive spaces.

There are no plugins or glasses needed to transform standard devices into doors for virtual experiences. CUUUBs can be equipped with 3D avatars, videos, livechats, product recommendations and even games to create captivating 3D experiences. Our stand-alone e-commerce system also enables extensive backend analysis through heatmaps of customer activities, visitor peak times, type finder data and product recommendation analysis.

Produkt- oder Dienstleistungsinnovationen
  • Implementation of 3D games (unity engine)
  • Implementation of responsive 3D assets
  • Typefinder and product recommendations in 3D
Case Study

We created several 3D bookstores for the german based bookseller genialokal. Through the implementation of season-themed 3D settings, genialokal presents itself in a refreshing and customer-friendly way.

The current genialokal 3D shop is built on a real life scan of a bookstore and enhanced by 3D assets like snow and winterly soundscapes to create a fitting shopping experience for the winter season. The users can stroll through the store freely or get to the desired book category by using the menu. Through the implementation of the “Read & Greet” feature, authors can present their books via embedded videos to increase customer retention.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Studies from Humboldt University Berlin and Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen show relevant KPIs. Like Sevgi Odabas‘ 2021 study called „Virtual Mobility Experience In the 2D and 3D Bookstore“ reveals several positive effects of CUUUB® when compared to ordinary 2D shops. Users stayed five times longer in the 3D environment, 75% of users liked 3D shopping more than 2D and some described a „wow effect“. 88% of users would recommend the virtual shopping experience provided by CUUUB® to friends.



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