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We have developed a Global SEO Framework that enables us to quick scale and localize our SEO-efforts for our international client-base. The Global SEO Framework is based on the following principles:

  1. We start with a technical audit where we identify potential problems with the technical foundation of the platform(s)/website(s) and give a prioritized list of tickets for the development team to work on. The prioritization is based on a combination of estimated effort and estimated impact, so we can allocate resources in the most efficient way.

  2. After the technical audit, we focus on working out content strategies for the website(s) in scope that fit their target group. It is aimed to identify what potential customers look for and how we can address them in the best possible way.

  3. After the content strategy has been defined, content will be created based on the search intents we have uncovered, which incl. a wide variety of content types, like category, product detail and how-to content.

  4. You can’t control what you can’t measure, so reporting is a phase that cannot miss from this list. We perform bi-weekly and monthly reporting session, where we check how anything we implemented performed. This step is also vital to uncover potential issues with the domain(s) and quickly resolve these.

  5. After the content creation phase is done, we start to focus on off-page services to improve the backlink profile of the domain(s) and individual webpages.

  6. The last step within the process is focused on educating the internal stakeholders, e.g. the legal team, product managers, country heads etc. Their participation in any SEO-efforts generally proofs important for the overall SEO-success. Weekly calls and upskilling session can be part of this, mainly based around SEO presentations with a question round at the end of each session.

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We put a lot more emphasis on the search intent of the potential target group. What type of answer are they looking for and what is Google currently displaying? By adding as much information to our content strategy as possible, we can get a clear idea of what our target audience was looking for. Elements such as search features (featured snippets, images etc.) or even product carousels are examples of things we looked at. By doing so, we were able to answer a set of keywords, or a search intent more precisely which improved our engagement metrics as well as rankings.

Produkt- oder Dienstleistungsinnovationen

• International Search Engine Optimization (SEO): strategic & operational; for Germany and international markets (such as The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, UK etc.) with a holistic approach • Performance Marketing (SEA & Paid Social): account audits and strategic and operational support for Google Ads Accounts & Facebook/Instagram Accounts • Content Marketing: creation of strategies and implementation of content hubs and magazines • Digital PR & Outreach: ideation, creation and seeding of content marketing campaigns to generate and win relevant links for our clients. • Amazon Marketing: product optimization & Amazon marketing support

Case Study

Our Global SEO project with Henkel AG & Co. KGaA is a perfect example of the collaboration between different agencies working together on the same defined goal for an international brick and mortar conglomerate. In general, gaining top positions within Google is already an achievement, but in this we case we had to convince internal stakeholders, legal and upper management of the relevance of this project. By making the impossible possible and moving from a brand-centric way of thinking to a customer-centric approach, Henkel was able to reach more potential customers then ever while becoming more independent from traditional paid advertising. Especially in uncertain times, it shows how important it is to have solid SEO foundation. We were able to significantly outperform our ambitious goal and reach million additional visitors to the Henkel brand websites.

Goal The goal of the project was to double the organic traffic by mid-2020, which gave us a little over one year to do so. Currently we have been able to grow the organic traffic volume to 7 figures organic visits per year, an increase of 373%.

ROI Based on the optimized keyword-set, that had an average CPC of 0,35€, we were able to calculate the ROI, compared to paying for this traffic with Paid Advertising. As this was one of the other strategies from upper management to reach their traffic goals. Currently we have achieved a ROI of 149%, where this will continue to grow due to the decreasing investment and the relatively stable traffic source:

• Current ROI: 128% • Est. Dec. 2021: 232% • Est. Dec. 2022: 466% • Est. Dec. 2023: 662%

Positive feedback & testimonials

"Claneo prevailed in our pitch against well-known search agencies, even though they were still a young agency - they were simply better. In the meantime, they are a valued partner that has helped us to significantly increase traffic on international brand websites. We appreciate the combination of competence, speed and flexibility in our daily cooperation. Clear recommendation for all non-market companions!

Peter Hartmann, Global Digital Marketing Manager, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA



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