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Prime Penguin

Prime Penguin is helping e-shops to easily find and connect to suitable, integrated and selected logistics partners (3PL) on a global scale. Thanks to the global network, with selected and integrated full-service logistics companies (3PL), an e-shop can easily set up satellite warehouses, where the clients are located (overseas or at their home market). From one single interface, the e-shop gets full control of all warehouse/warehouses activities around the globe. PP is pre-integrated with all the major e-commerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop etc.) and the selected logistics partners WMS (Warehouse Management System), enabling a unique "plug and play" connectivity.

Votes: 164


fulfillment services for e-commerce

Omnipack specializes in fulfillment services for European mid-size e-commerce. We enable frictionless growth by completely taking care of logistics - storage of goods, packing and shipping orders, handling returns and additional services like labelling, repackaging, set-building, clothes washing, steaming and sewing etc. We provide premium packaging solutions incl. branded boxes, inserts, scented fillers for best customer unpacking experience. With a simple flat rate for each package sent your monthly costs are optimized and predictable. You don't even need agreements with couriers, we will take care of negotiating the best rates for your global shipments as well as any claims.

Votes: 148



Packhelp makes custom packaging accessible for small and medium-sized businesses. We provide a fully automated online platform to design and order quality, tailor-made custom packaging. We have completely reinvented the experience of purchasing packaging and with our 3D online editor, it’s easy for anyone to design and order beautiful packaging. It’s super simple and it’s not necessary to be a graphic designer or printing expert. We offer revolutionary small volume orders up from 30 boxes and after max. 14 days production time we send our packaging EU wide.

Votes: 119


All-in-one e-commerce logistics software

Logistics is a critical success factor in the growing e-commerce industry. Especially with regard to the increasing importance of short delivery times and free shipping. byrd helps online shops to overcome these challenges by giving retailers access to a professional and scalable logistics solution in order to be able to compete with e-commerce giants such as Amazon. Online shops can easily outsource their whole logistics within a few clicks through a web application. The all-in-one logistics software enables companies to manage and track their inventory and orders with one single tool. As a consequence, they can focus on their core competencies and efficiently grow their business.

Votes: 64


SendCloud – Europes #1 Shipping Tool for Online Stores

Succeeding in the E-Commerce industry is becoming more challenging every day. Consumers want their goods delivered whenever and wherever they need, which can be problematic for small- and medium-sized retailers. SendCloud provides a smart e-shipping solution that reduces costs and provides a seamless (international) delivery process. Retailers directly integrate with carriers and merge all shipping options in their shop’s check-out. This way they can offer the best and most cost efficient shipping (and return) options, enabling them to compete with larger retailers. SendCloud is thus connecting online retailers, carriers and end consumers – with just one tool.

Votes: 56


DS Smith has developed a smart e-commerce packaging for the bread rolls of the Austrian start-up company Eat the Ball.

Bread rolls made in the shape of footballs, hockey pucks and baseballs? The Austrian start-up company Eat the Ball makes this possible with a new manufacturing process. To promote this extraordinary product, DS Smith has developed an extensive concept in cooperation with the customer. The first step is a functional and attention-grabbing e-commerce packaging solution whose special eye-catcher is a stylish interior print. The high-quality printed images underline the premium character of this innovative product and whet the appetite for the bread specialities depicted already when opening the packaging.

Votes: 49


ecommerce fulfilment, Onlineshop, setbuilding, storing, montage, salessolutions, packaging, returnmanagement

For more than 20 years, Lufapak offeres tailor-made solutions for efficient warehousing and reliable logistics in Europe with worldwide shipping. As a fulfillment provider with a large warehouse in Germany as well as the UK, comprehensive supply chain solutions can be implemented with us.Our fullfillment ranges from order processing,inbound processes, storaging, set-building and montage to worldwide shipping and return management and open up new capacities for their core business and help them lead their online store to success. We ensure that customers receive the ordered goods quickly, correctly commissioned, and packaged nicely for a optimized prize.

Votes: 43



With billion shipments per year in Europe & online shopping growing rapidly retailers are facing a lot of shipping problems. Small retailers are processing shipments manually while others are dealing with custom integrations of carrier interfaces which are expensive while still being connected to one carrier. To solve these problems shipcloud developed a cloud based shipping platform already connected to all carriers. The RESTful API and pre-integrations into 50+ shop-/ERP-systems allows a plug-and-play connection and automated national & international shipping within minutes

Votes: 41


Post-purchase communication

parcelLab offers online shops a technology and implementation for post-purchase communication to accompany customers during the entire shipping process and to provide them with an optimal shopping experience. Relevant delivery events or deviations are identified and linked to automated customer communication in retailer branding via relevant channels (email, SMS, Facebook, retailer app). The retailer also accompanies their customers during dispatch, strengthens customer loyalty and can exploit further upselling potential.

Votes: 41


SPOT Parcel

SPOT is a cloud-based supply chain management platform which was launched in 2000 and has received numerous add-ons and improvements since then. Accessible from any web browser, SPOT started as a simple tracking tool and has since grown into a comprehensive transport management system, with modules ranging from Purchase Order- and Transport Management to Warehousing, Freight Bill Audit and Reporting. The most recent addition is the SPOT Parcel Module, which allows users to connect to all parcel providers on one platform, thereby enabling rate comparison, label printing, shipment tracking and exception management across all providers - no other systems are needed to manage parcel shipments.

Votes: 40


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