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Headquartered in Berlin, Productsup has revolutionised the way product data is being handled, making it the preferred SaaS solution for 800+ clients worldwide including Fortune 500 listed companies. Leading retailers, brands, agencies, marketplaces, and aggregators use Productsup to automate data feed management and to increase the agility of their data. As the product content network of the commerce ecosystem, our cloud-based, centralized platform enables the seamless transfer of product content from brands, manufacturers, and retailers to marketing and shopping channels around the world.

Votes: 169



Truly understand how people experience your website and validate product decisions with real people. Watch videos of real people interacting with your website. Hear what users think, see what they do, and start building better products for happier customers. This is how it works: You select a task for our testers (e.g. buy a birthday present for your girlfriend), and within just a few hours you'll receive the first videos of users trying to use your e-commerce site for the first time. Everything the testers see and do on the site is recorded, but also what they think while speaking out loudly during use. When watching the videos, you understand above all the why behind the clicks, you learn to think like people who don’t know your site yet and you build empathy towards your own users.

Votes: 131



FieldEquip is aimed at industrial customers operating a wide variety of machines as well as service companies employing service staff and technicians in the field. With FieldEquip we offer the possibility to connect machines, systems and technicians intelligently in order to optimize and monitor internal and external processes. By using IoT, large amounts of data can be processed in a structured way so that specific data analyses and workflows could be generated automatically. FieldEquip is able to use KI components to detect irregularities in advance and initiate appropriate measures. The software can be used to monitor your machines, technicians and the performance of service providers.

Votes: 74



collectAI is a software platform providing digitised, AI-based payments and collection services to manage accounts receivables. Covering the end-to-end process from e-invoicing and payment reminder to debt collection it flexibly optimises the goals of collection rates, costs and customer retention. In addition, the company offers payment links as well as business process outsourcing services. It uses digital communication channels and payment solutions for a frictionless checkout process. collectAI, founded in 2016, is part of Germany’s largest e-commerce retailer, the Otto Group.

Votes: 72


Managed Cluster

Der Profihost FlexCluster ist das richtige Produkt für größere Online-Shops und Webseiten mit Hochlastszenarien, da schnellere Ladezeiten und ein höheres Anfragevolumen möglich sind. Die Performance unserer individuellen Systeme lässt sich jederzeit beliebig nach oben oder unten skalieren. Ein FlexCluster kann direkt mit Ihrem Projekt mitwachsen und hält Sie flexibel bei Ihrer Wachstumsstrategie. FlexCluster werden für Sie individuell konfiguriert und sind so flexibel wie Ihr Projekt. Die Schnelligkeit unserer individuellen Systeme lässt sich jederzeit beliebig nach oben oder unten skalieren. Sprechen Sie uns an und wir erarbeiten zusammen mit Ihnen oder Ihren Kunden die passende Lösung. 

Votes: 67


Managed Hybrid Cloud Solution

Hybrid Cloud solutions for eCommerce and Marketing & Advertisement Technology Services We recommend Hybrid Cloud infrastructure solutions for eCommerce businesses and modern Marketing and Advertisement Technology Services because of its best performance in terms of storage, data analysis, delivery of content and security. With Hybrid Cloud you will be able to increase your customer satisfaction, improve your digital speed, and reduce your infrastructure costs. Our Hybrid Cloud customers can start with a small basic infrastructure environment and scale up their infrastructure whenever it is required based on their business needs.

Votes: 56



Mindcurv is a global team of digital commerce and IoT specialists. Our focus is to anticipate and fulfill your customer’s needs. Anywhere. Since 2011, we create, manage, and evolve digital commerce platforms. Our customers are large and medium sized enterprises across Europe. As a professional services company we offer support from our 3 pillars which are Business Design, Experience Design, and Technology Design. We have 200+ members and growing. Our head office is in Oberhausen, Germany. As well we have locations in Spain, The Netherlands, and India.

Votes: 53


root360 Cloud Plattform

Oft werden Cloud-Migrationen von Web-Applikationen als individuelle Projekte umgesetzt und sind damit zeitaufwendig und wenig kosteneffizient. Hier setzt die root360 Cloud Plattform an. Mit unserer Lösung lassen sich typische Cloud-Migrationen, unter Berücksichtigung individueller Anforderungen, agiler und kosteneffizienter realisieren. Vorteile - Kürzere Time-to-Market - Kosteneinsparungen - Hohe Planungssicherheit - Kostenfreie Erst-Analyse

Votes: 44



weclapp is an Omni-Channel ERP, CRM and Point of Sale system in just one software. It's for small and middle-sized companies which want to organize their daily tasks in an easy, efficient way in every unit of the business. weclapp is cloud based and provides many integrations with famous shop systems (shopware, Magento, WooComerce, shopify etc.), payment and shipping service provider and famous marketplaces (amazon, ebay, Rakuten). We are a one-in-all solution with powerful CRM and ERP functions. The company is german based with certified data centre, has 10 years experience and about 50 employees. weclapp was awarded as the ERP-System of the year 2018.

Votes: 32


BuzzBird Influencer Marketing

BuzzBird is an Influencer Marketing solution. Our origins lie in media agencies, tech, TV and Germany’s first YouTube Original channels. We deeply understand both the advertising industry and the creators’ needs. We founded BuzzBird to act as a technology-based one-stop-solution to consult and execute best-in-class campaigns. From briefing to reporting: we are data-driven and bring efficiency to the advertising agency world. Out commitment to make Influencer Marketing predictable, measurable and transparent, has allowed us to expand within the DACH region by taking investment from ProSiebenSat.1 SE. Our clients are global companies such as Sky Deutschland, Procter & Gamble or FERRERO.

Votes: 30


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