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Chatchamp is the software that helps E-commerce stores increase their sales with conversational commerce. Through automated abandoned cart reminders, shipping updates, customizable newsletters and more, we help E-commerce stores communicate with their customers in Whatsapp and Messenger.

Votes: 155


Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront is a mobile-first eCommerce Platform that helps with building an engaging user-experience across all devices and improving UX without making any changes to the backend. It can be easily integrated with all major eCommerce backends: Magento, Shopify Plus, SAP Hybris, ORACLE Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce and WooCommerce.

Votes: 253


BOX40 - the world's first membership for outfit-boxes

BOX40 was founded with the spirit of one objective: make the fashion industry work better for the modern smart shopper. The result: the first membership service for outfit-boxes at a revolutionary price - for men and women. For an annual fee of 119€ you receive your favorite brands always 40% off, sent directly to your home. As often you want. After an uncomplicated registration for the BOX40 community, members are assigned a personal shopper, who creates a personalized selection of clothing based on your style, size and budget. Delivered to your doorstep, you can try everything on in the comfort of your own home. Keep only what you love and enjoy 40% discount on all clothes - always.

Votes: 222


Product Unification

Ads-to-Onsite: Our industry-first ads to onsite solution connects digital advertising to the onsite experience, utilising Digital Assistant to display relevant content to the ad in an onsite overlay. This means you can target visitors with the most relevant and engaging content in real-time after every ad, whether they clicked or viewed.

Votes: 115



Onedot enables retailers to automate product data management through AI. Stationary retailers are catapulted into the e-commerce age and product data is prepared for online sales. Marketplaces scale the product range up to 10x faster and automatically create supplier product catalogs. This is done using proprietary, self-learning algorithms that structure and clean up product data - data standards become obsolete. Articles are automatically created in the system and then efficiently enriched. This is done through automated steps such as structuring (text extraction, categorization), integration and transformation (normalization, golden record, variant creation) of the data.

Votes: 96



MySize offers advanced, accurate and easily accessible body measurement solutions, using smartphone sensors and patented algorithms. This technology is not using the camera or any external sensor, just by moving the phone across any surface you can measure the distance the phone has traveled. Brands and retailers use the company’s MySizeID solution to help their customers buy perfectly fitting clothing with our digital tape measure app for body. BoxSizeID and SizeUp can be your perfect fit if you are in the parcel industry or DIY lover.

Votes: 87


Gepard Syndicator

Gepard is the e-commerce data transformation platform, connecting retail with manufacturers and content providers. Gepard establishes connections between multiple data channels, transforms 120+ million product descriptions per month and reduces thousands of hours of manual work for HP, Rakuten, CentralPoint, MediaMarkt, Walmart, Migros, Auchan, OfficeDepot, and a range of other manufacturers and retailers.

Votes: 77



We build configurators / planer in realtime 3D for individual and modular products. We use Webgl – it´s a technic usually works in online gaming. All customers don´t need any plugin,the configurators use by the internet browser. Natural they works responsive and in an app. The customer can move, design and create their own favorit product in realtime 3D: - changing colours/ surfaces, - add product accessoires with drag ´n drop, - changing dimensions. The problem from many clients to show all product-versions online. We insert “dynamic 3D-Modells” of the product,it´s cheaper. And we can give dependence of the product properties. Because not all properties match among each other.

Votes: 74


Content Square

UX analyitcs and optimization solution - We hate silos of knowledge that kill agility and waste time. And we don’t like seeing people optimize in the dark, either. We develop software, yes, but more to the point, we empower entire digital teams to measure the impact of their UX actions. We do this as a team, with passion and with the shared goal of democratizing data so you have everything you need to create unique and successful digital journeys.

Votes: 67


Dynamic Pricing

The dynamic pricing application of the prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (RDE for short) is an AI-based application for intelligent price optimization. It is delivers very good results when it is used for markdown pricing. This means selling goods by a desired date and clear all stock. This is useful for all kinds of products with a defined life span, i.e. seasonal items like clothes, goods with short life cycles like consumer electronics, or fresh articles like food. The algorithm determines the correct price for clearing all stock by the target sell date. If all winter shoes are sold before spring, this helps retailers reduce a lot of waste. Consumers furthermore profit from low prices.

Votes: 67


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