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Lengow helps retailers and brands launch their products on multiple channels internationally without having to go through the arduous task of individually indexing their product listing ads for each new channel. The innovative SaaS solution centralizes the management of feeds, helping retailers to distribute, maintain and increase the visibility of their products worldwide, for a better cross-border strategy. International beauty brand Sephora approached Lengow for help with their international development. In just three years, Sephora saw 10 times more SKUs and now has 31 optimized feeds through Lengow. In only one year, the brand launched in 3 new countries.

Votes: 91



TreoPIM is a modern and innovative open source product information management system (PIM). As a PIM System TreoPIM is a central repository for the anyone’s product information and helps manufacturers, dealers and retailers to improve the quality of product data and to translate it into different languages. TreoPIM helps to prepare product information for both, offline and online sales channels. TreoPIM is based on a modern service-oriented software architecture - the same TreoPIM API is used for data exchange within the system and with third-party systems. The data model is completely configurable thanks to Entity and Layout Manager. The functionality can be extended by numerous modules.

Votes: 131


Full service payment

A leading Full Service Payment Provider located in 3 continents. Our international ‘all in one’ solutions worldwide are built to provide competitive edge to B2B & B2C customers to grow and scale in Asia, North & South America, Central & Eastern Europe with all eCommerce and payment-related requirements and value-added services from checkout to debt collection under one account. Our SaaS engine was built to cover the full eCommerce value chain supporting 100+ eCommerce systems/shopping carts (Magento, Plentymarkets, Shopware, etc.) for merchants offering 150+ payment types, risk management, real time invoicing, coupon/vouchers, dunning & debt collection, subscription & member management, transaction monitoring & reporting, debtor management, affiliate/market place management and dedicated technical support & project management as required. As a pioneer in payment services we lead the way in expanding global reach and maximum acceptance & higher conversion for customers

Votes: 237



Our data verification technology verifies and corrects data while a user is entering an address in any online form worldwide. Through our service retailers ensure to capture the correct address right from the start. Every package can be delivered at the first attempt without any manual work from you or the post office. Other than that our service improves the user experience in a never seen way. Loqate's solution speeds up the checkout process, can save up to over 70% keystrokes and 8 seconds of your customers time.

Votes: 72


Wordbee Translator

Video subtitling has seen its importance rise together with the rise of video marketing in general. Studies show that over 80% of business video is viewed without sound, relying on video subtitles. Wordbee Video Subtitling takes video subtitling to the next step, allowing you to localize your video subtitles and use a translation memory, so you can maintain consistency and reuse existing translations, reducing cost and improving efficiency. It’s the international e-commerce marketer’s best friend!

Votes: 70


Total E-commerce Account Management - customised to meet your specific needs in global expansion.

ICE works with you to create a customised strategy based on your expansion goals. We work on your accounts, using our e-commerce expertise to help you successfully meet those cross border trade objectives. Through regular contact with you, ICE pro-actively searches for and provides recommendations on new countries and marketplaces for you to expand to. Our team of experts then help you to expand to these new countries and marketplaces by translating/localising your listings, setting up new seller accounts/listing tools, maintaining/optimising the listings and taking care of the customer service to help you establish your brand in new countries and marketplaces.

Votes: 67


The Intelligent Delivery Platform

SEVEN SENDERS the leading delivery platform optimizes the delivery process by integration the worlds best physical and digital service providers. We connect shippers with their customers through our prime last mile carrier network in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Consequently, we enable shippers a fast and economical delivery, adapted to the needs and requirements of their end customer. An excellent tracking and monitoring solution complements the platform services and provides the unique customer experience during the delivery. It allows shippers to leverage an unprecedented transparency over the delivery process.

Votes: 58


International sales & full return retrieval – Internel’s e-fulfilment gateways link e-tailers to e-shoppers faster

Expanding cross-border is a must nowadays. With most efulfilment companies focused on national market and expensive international courier shipments, international sales is a real logistical challenge for every etailer. Internel offers a highly efficient low-cost alternative for small and medium sized etraders and e-shops to go international. With our cross-border and total sales focused efulfilment service, we are helping etraders to provide outstanding customer experience across both delivery and returns at the lowest possible cost. Our services include receiving goods, storage, pick&pack, shipping, full product traceability and easy returns with national, consumer-friendly return addresses

Votes: 57


Know Your Customer Platform

The Know Your Customer platform is an end-to-end digital solution that quickly and accurately identifies and verifies companies and individuals prior to client on-boarding, wherever they are in the world. It offers quick document collection, Digital ID verification and automated anti-money laundering checks in multiple languages and across multiple jurisdictions, automating 90% of compliance teams’ routine tasks. The Know Your Customer platform helps e-commerce organisations with compliance, risk and client on-boarding, ensuring companies can accurately and confidently conduct their KYC and AML functions in whichever market they decide to grow their business.

Votes: 48



Admitad is a global network of Cost-per-Action affiliate programs, that provides advertisers with reliable sources of sales and enables publishers to create new business models for the traffic monetization. Admitad has been in the market since 2009 and today has a presence in 7 countries worldwide. It works with 1700+ advertisers and 700, 000 + publishers. Everyday over 8,000, 000 visitors are redirected to advertisers' websites via Admitad partners.

Votes: 45


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