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Content Square

UX analytics and optimization solution - We hate silos of knowledge that kill agility and waste time. And we don’t like seeing people optimize in the dark, either. We develop software, yes, but more to the point, we empower entire digital teams to measure the impact of their UX actions. We do this as a team, with passion and with the shared goal of democratizing data so you have everything you need to create unique and successful digital journeys.

Votes: 96


Price Optimization

Competera is the industry standard of retail pricing. We help companies to increase revenue, stay competitive and grow while remaining profitable with the help of two products: Competitive Data: Delivery of petabytes of high-quality data from thousands of websites with a dedicated scraping approach to help retailers make complex pricing decisions seamlessly and gain sales growth smoothly. Price Optimization: AI-driven price recommendations engine enabling retailers to formulate optimal prices and outsource the whole host of retail sales results to algorithms.

Votes: 258



OWOX BI – Your personal marketing analyst. OWOX develops innovative tools that simplify the routines of marketers and lead to better performance of sales plans. OWOX products allow users to set up end-to-end analytics systems, evaluate the effectiveness of each marketing channel, and automatically obtain marketing reports based on complete data without sampling. All marketing reports are available in a few clicks even without knowledge of SQL. Our funnel-based attribution model let users estimate the impact of each marketing channel in the their funnel progress, regardless of other attribution models.

Votes: 178



ROIVENUE™ is an award-winning suite for managing marketing ROI, channel attribution and marketing strategy decision-making. It is the most precise way to manage your entire marketing investment. Using data-driven attribution models and CLV, it allows marketers to identify under-performing campaigns, address over-invested channels, and make decisions that maximize ROI. Roivenue translates complex marketing data sets into actionable strategic insights. Unlike tools designed for data analysts like Google Analytics, ROIVENUE™ lets you see the big picture, and make informed overall budget decisions tuned to your specific goals.

Votes: 105


The new gen behavioral analytics platform

CoolTool is an automated insights platform that allows businesses creating an effective website and product pages, engaging campaigns, and a strong brand. The platform incorporates digital tools such as accurate webcam eye tracking, emotion measurement and implicit tests that are all integrated into the survey engine. By working simultaneously these tools guarantee the most comprehensive and reliable feedback from consumers. Easily discover what people see, think and feel to find out real drivers of consumers’ behavior.

Votes: 50


Marketing Suite

intelliAd revolutionised the online marketing world more than 11 years ago, when the technology provider established the fully automated Bid Management for Google in Germany. Since then, companies have benefited from innovative solutions that enable them to measure, understand, and optimise their overall marketing activities. With highly efficient and intelligent technologies and a tried and tested award-winning algorithm, marketers achieve performance increase – with less manual effort. Launched in 2018, the new intelliAd E-Commerce product line E PWR helps e-commerce managers to promote their products smart and easy in Google Shopping and Amazon.

Votes: 51


Pazien - Payments analytics industry benchmarking

Pazien is the first analytics platform to offer cross-provider and multi-functional benchmarking. Pazien is connected to data from over 30 global processors, acquirers and gateways, opening up a whole new level of comparison factors. Right now, merchants depend on peer relationships, conferences, or networking events to collaborate and understand where they're doing well and where they need to improve - and that's if their peers are willing to share. By anonymizing data, Pazien opens the conversation so merchants can understand how they're doing on a monthly basis and either justify their work to management, or make moves to improve their performance to be competitive with their market.

Votes: 46



Webdata Solutions is a data provider for eCommerce insights: our blackbee software turns data into valuable information. blackbee collects publicly available and unstructured online product and price data, worldwide and across all sectors. It then structures and analyzes the data so that retailer and manufacturers use those deep insights to set their competitive prices, adapt their assortments and be well-informed in time about new trends in their segments. With blackbee, our clients are able to position themselves successfully online and stay competitive in the highly volatile market. Our clients are European and worldwide operating Fortune500 leading retailers and brand manufactures.

Votes: 45


Pricemonitor by Patagona

The Pricemonitor keeps track of product prices on many national and international selling platforms. E-Commerce companies make use of a comprehensive market overview in highly volatile online markets. Retailers use it for systematic pricing strategies.

Votes: 44



minubo is the only Enterprise BI as a plug-and-play solution – particularly developed for retailers and brands. With its full BI stack including both tech and tools, minubo enables companies to make best use of their data and build a future-proof, data-driven work culture: Employees from all areas (headquarters and store, strategic and operational focus, analysts and non-analysts, from category management to CRM) are enabled to leverage their data for better and faster decision-making during their day-to-day work as well as for improving and automating their processes based on data. With that, commerce companies are ready to compete in today's highly-competitive commerce markets.

Votes: 44


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