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Koala Inspector

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The Koala Inspector is a BI tool for Shopify and e-commerce merchants.

The Koala Inspector allows you to receive useful information on every Shopify shop you visit.

With a click of a button, you can reveal the shop structure, the best and new products the shop added, what traffic the shop has, and even reveal what are the sources of the products and which Ad campaigns the shop run.

All types of e-commerce merchants can use the Koala Inspector and it's free for life.

Distinction from the competition

The Koala Inspector has a very friendly interface that shows all the information to the user in one glance.

The ongoing features development proved itself as unique compared to other competitors. In addition, the customer support service that assists users is fast and efficient.

The unique freemium pricing system gives the users the opportunity to use the koala inspector from day one and purchase credit later when the merchants start selling.

Product or service innovations

The following new features have been released in the last 12 months:

  1. Ad Campaigns - reveal your competitors' Ad Campaigns that currently running on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

  2. Export CSV - export any product lists from any shop you wish and upload them to your Shopify shop in less than 30 seconds.

  3. Favorite products list - mark the products you find the most successful on every shop you visit with a click of a button.

  4. App Discount - we collected the best discounts around the eCommerce ecosystem. A discount list of dozens of apps and services that every merchant needs.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Here are testimonials users wrote us lately:

  1. This app is great and really versatile! The two main areas I'm focusing on to grow my online store are product sourcing and online advertising and Koala Inspector helps me with both! It's so easy to see where to source products as well as how other brands are advertising online. Definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to start an online store or increase sales for the one they already run.

  2. I think it is the best extension to get all that you need from any Shopify store it provides great insights so quickly and for free

  3. Started my online store back in 2018 and always had trouble finding the best products to sell. Koala Inspector is an easy way to find products that our customers love. I use the app to inspect other Shopify stores and find their best-selling products. Then I sell them at my online store- really easy to use and highly recommended.

  4. I started using it a few months ago and I love it because it is easy to use. Another thing I value a lot is the new features in the app. I am looking forward to the next new feature!



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