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ECOMMERCE CONSULTING We have eCommerce industry specific knowledge and recognition of how eCommerce works for various industries. We create a realistic Commerce strategy roadmap that assists you in steering ahead in the competition. We will help you unlock modern chances to build a solid consumer occurrence.

ECOMMERCE DESIGN | UI / UX Your eCommerce Store is the primary touchpoint for your consumer, and it presents a critical impact on your business – high-performing and aesthetically delightful e-stores developed with the most modern UI/UX designs. We design eCommerce that resonate with the expected target audience.

ECOMMERCE DEVELOPMENT Create your online store with Born Techies, with the most reliable eCommerce platform with compliant cloud solutions. Receive a compliant shopping cart system, control over the look and functionality of your eCommerce website – Born Techies assists in driving satisfaction, growing audiences, and increasing sales.

ECOMMERCE SEO Supercharge Your Store Sales & Traffic!!! Our SEO methodology is 100% analysis and data-based.

ECOMMERCE DIGITAL MARKETING In this fast-evolving modern world – where consumers spend most of their time on digital media, the digital media presence of a business has become a must. Born Techies have a strong track record of increasing sales and customer acquisition through professionally designed digital media campaigns for eCommerce online retailers.

ECOMMERCE CARE & SUPPORT It’s not enough to deliver a project to the client. We would also make sure that everything works accurately and the client is satisfied. Talk to an expert about how we could help you offer customers a first-rate eCommerce experience. Our maintenance & support managed services team has delivered services to premium enterprises.

Distinction from the competition

HOW BORN TECHIES HELP Starting & managing an eCommerce company around the globe is more complex than ever & with more brands to choose from in every industry, standing out in an overcrowded eCommerce landscape is rigid. That’s where we come in. With over a decade of eCommerce experience, we are here to deliver the best in class 360° Experience in eCommerce that we serve. Providing omnichannel solutions with Custom Theme Designing that is Available anywhere and everywhere

STRATEGY WE IMPLEMENT Manifesting an eCommerce strategy is the core of generating a successful business outcome. We analyze the core components of businesses, study the target demography, obtain data, set marketing objectives, and then identify the critical performance market indicators for those objectives to develop into a high-end eCommerce strategy for your business. We’re Building and Executing the perfect strategy for your brand’s eCommerce success.


Product or service innovations

In eCommerce, required innovation we made with implementation PWA / Headless Commerce to our clients -

What is Headless Commerce and benefits of Headless Commerce In its natural form, headless commerce is a segregation of the front end and back end of an eCommerce application. This architecture offers brands liberty of declaration to build whatever and however, they want. Most certainly, it authorizes brands to improve the customer experience.

If you’re in eCommerce, you recognize that credulousness pace with appearing touch points and affairs isn’t effortless (and often requires a lot of coffee). In a conventional eCommerce representation, new circumstances can essential updates to both the front- and back-end system, which can turn even mini projects into huge headaches.

Syndicate that rely on eCommerce as a core part of their business model require to adapt to keep a competitive edge – as such, many are transforming to headless commerce for digital distribution.

Benefits of headless commerce The consumers of headless commerce are generally bigger enterprises with substantial development and IT teams along with a DIY perspective. This creates sense, as the custom programming required to initiate and build a separate front end and back end efficiently can take a crucial investment of development hours. These businesses often have months-long development chain and progressive creative and marketing teams that are anxious to expeditiously test modern designs, copy, and templates on the front end. Today, with the health reversal constraining the pace in business change, brands requires to clutch innovation like never before. Every hour of developer time is valuable, as speed-to-market is often tied to enlarging cash flow.

Customer case study

Website: Location: London, UK Industry: Fashion & Clothing Platform: Shopify

SilkFred is a London, UK based Fashion Industry brands, selling on multi-channel retail, offline & online.

Issues They Had SilkFred’s founder Emma W reached to us, she explained what their customer want in commerce digitalisation, digital experience on retail channel they have . Making all retail & POS features to make online. The main issue they to migrate from WooCommerce to Shopify with, centralized POS, AI based search & digital experience driven commerce implementation.

Our Solutions

  • Centralized POS with digital commerce integration
  • Experience driven fashion eCommerce
  • WooCommerce to Shopify data migration
  • UI & UX with custom brand design look & feel
  • AI based quick search results implementation
  • London based custom shipping integration
  • Sale page for offers
  • Improved usability
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding
  • Improved User Execution
  • Search Engine Optimization

Output Of Our Solutions SilkFred from Start-up to Grown-up. Wow feeling they have after 2 years we have made the digital commerce implementation.

51% increase in transactions 58% increase in revenue 76% increase in site visits

Positive feedback & testimonials

  1. AJE | | Fashion & Clothing | Australia | Shopify Plus

Our Approaches & Solutions: Shopify plus with a new UI/UX, Honed its brand experience, strategy, Australian Shipping & Payment Gateway integrations, Amazon & eBay marketplace integration, Gift vouchers, Social media integration, Multi-Currency setup, Product filters, Live chat

Outputs 69% increase in transactions | 51% increase in revenue | 85% increase in site visits

  1. MORE SURFACE CARE | | USA |Chemical Products | Shopify

Our Approaches & Solutions: Ecommerce development with Shopify, Warranty selling pages, Custom dealer locator page, ShopPay express checkout payment integration, Return & Refund management system, FedEx & DHL worldwide shipping integration, Digital Marketing, Performance optimization, SEO, Maintenance & Support

Outputs 48% increase in transactions | 63% increase in revenue | 85% increase in site visits

  1. PROGURT | | USA | Health Care | Shopify

Our Approaches & Solutions: Ecommerce development with Shopify, IP based redirect & store selection, Klaviyo marketing automation, Email Marketing Integration, Branding, Product Packaging, Features Design, Store Locator, Mailchimp eCommerce Integration, Google Adwords Marketing Campaign, Facebook Pixel & Marketing, Rewards, Live chat

Output 70% increase in transactions | 49% increase in revenue | 83% increase in site visits integration

  1. IN COMMON BEAUTY | | USA | Beauty | Shopify

Our Approaches & Solutions: B2C online store, B2B for professionals and salons, Customization of UI/UX, Shoppable Instagram Feed, Image galleries, Side mini cart, Social Media Integration, HEAP Analytics Integration, Branding, Product Packaging, Features Design, Store Locator, Discount coupon, Rewards, Social logins

Outputs 72% increase in transactions | 54% increase in revenue | 86% increase in site visits integration


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