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European Fulfillment Platform - byrd


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byrd is a tech-driven third-party logistics company on a mission to revolutionize the logistics industry in the booming e-commerce market. By building a strong pan-European fulfillment network with experienced and qualified logistics service providers, we offer online retailers access to scalable fulfillment services that enable growth and bring online retailers closer to their customers; while reducing delivery times and costs. In turn, this helps businesses to meet and exceed ever-increasing expectations of their customers with regard to shipping, ensuring customer satisfaction.

This is made possible by combining the synergies of our international fulfillment network and the cloud-based all-in-one fulfillment software that integrates with leading e-commerce systems and offers maximum automation and transparency. By offering customizable packaging and flexible shipping options (such as express delivery or climate-neutral shipping), we help e-commerce businesses to turn their fulfillment into a competitive advantage.

Distinction from the competition

Our flexible business model and resilient fulfillment platform, paired with the logistics know-how, empowers us to expand rapidly into new countries. As a consequence, we provide a scalable fulfillment solution that is perfectly tailored to fast-growing businesses and direct-to-consumer brands that have the ambition to grow internationally, while keeping total control over their brand, customers, and all order fulfillment processes.

Furthermore, byrd's tech-driven approach to fulfillment has enabled us to develop a warehouse management system that is highly efficient, flexible and transparent. We are aggregating hundreds of data points across the fulfillment process which helps us to ensure high-quality fulfillment across warehouses and provide powerful reports to our customers to make smart strategic decisions for their operational activities. Moreover, this gives FMCG companies the possibility to enable LOT and expiry date tracking for their products and to fulfill the requirements for organic-certified goods.

Product or service innovations

This year byrd has expanded its logistics network to the strongest e-commerce markets in Europe by opening new warehouses in France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. As a consequence, several new carriers and logistics providers have been integrated into the fulfillment-platform, in order to provide a comprehensive and internationally-resilient fulfillment ecosystem to retailers.

Besides adding new fulfillment centers to the network, byrd also worked on adding new e-commerce integrations, like Billbee and Amazon, in a bid to facilitate automated fulfillment to multichannel retailers.

More importantly, though, byrd recently launched its own self-service returns portal which can be used by end consumers in order to return shipments that have been processed by byrd. As a consequence, byrd’s customers are able to offer a hassle-free returns process to their clients to further improve their customer experience and therefore racking up loyalty among their buyers. In parallel, our returns portal also enables e-commerce businesses to easily reduce associated workload and their costs while gaining invaluable customer insights.

Customer case study

Your Super is a customer of byrd that started shipping with byrd already 4 years ago. Before the company outsourced its logistics to byrd, the young entrepreneur, Kristel and Michael, still prepared the products by hand in their own kitchen and shipped them from there.

Since then the company, which pursues the mission to inspire people to live healthier as simply as possible, has grown rapidly. At the beginning of the partnership, the seamless integration of Shopify and the location nearby their office were decisive factors to choose byrd as fulfillment provider. The rapid growth, though, has led to a shift in the importance of the benefits that byrd offers. Pan-European fulfillment network and efficient cross-border shipping options have gained importance for Your Super, as they are now actively shipping their products to more than 60 countries. Moreover, by successfully managing seasonal peaks with byrd, Your Super grew up their business significantly in the last few years. You can read more about the case study here:

Positive feedback & testimonials

“With byrd we have found a fulfillment partner that leverages technology to provide an excellent service level.” - Nicolas Martin from Primal State Performance


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