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Marketing Analytics Tool

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Product or service description

Kickbite is a digital marketing analytics tool that unlocks actionable data insights for E-commerce marketers to make confident business decisions.

Distinction from the competition

Currently the marketing analytics industry focuses on data collection and visualization. Insights and recommendations are industry pain points. This is the focus of Kickbite.

By putting together multiple technologies through an own processing system Kickbite generates actionable data insights that are displayed in different analytic modules.

Product or service innovations

Lunch of core technology (Processing System); User tracking based on cookieless identifiers; Retention Module (Cohort Analysis, CLTV, Likelyhood of Repurchase); Integration of Shopify, Magento and Shopware; Dashboard Re-design

Customer case study

FSG an online marketing agency launched all marketing activities for AGU, a Dutch bicycle wear and gear brand, in Germany.

The goal was to scale up the online sales, starting at day one of the new market entry while maintaining a healthy return on ad spend.

Using Kickbite from the start, FSG identified the best performing channels for AGU in Germany and started shifting the media budget.

Contrary to previous insights from a last-click set up, FSG saw that the less performing channels were mid and low funnel such as Google Shopping and the top performers were upper funnel channels such as social paid.

Based on Kickbites tracking and attribution technology FSG shifted 25% of the media budget to upper funnel channels.

Further, using Kickbite’s seamless link tracking guidelines for UTMs and dynamic tags enabled FSG to pin down their efforts for AGU at any desired level of detail.

Connecting those detailed touchpoint sources with the right user and the accurate attribution values uncovered those cross-channel campaigns that brought in the most new customers at the lowest costs.

FSG could show to AGU a constant improvement of their numbers for the new market entry as well as a proven data-driven decision process that built trust.

AGU gave the green light to increase the media spend and FSG scaled the online sales by 260% within just one year after implementing Kickbite while increasing the ROAS by 55%.

Positive feedback & testimonials

“Since I use Kickbite I really understand the impact of all online channels on the journey of my customers and I am much better equipped to be present when it really matters”

Khalil Seyedmehdi, Head of E-commerce, Grutto Europe

“Kickbite's channel and customer journey insights allowed us to strategically scale up awareness and maximise revenue for AGU”

Kristin Lübken,
CMO, FSG Berlin


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