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Product / Service Description:

plentymarkets is an e-commerce ERP system, which combines stock management with a shop system and omni-channel sales. The web-based software includes a wide range of functions and interfaces, which sellers can use to completely automate their sales workflow both online and offline. plentymarkets includes an online store, interfaces to more than 30 markets, payment and shipping service providers as well as online store marketing, affiliate marketing services, legal advice services and an app-based point of sale software called plentyPOS. Sellers can also use plugins to customise the system so that it meets their individual needs.

Product / service innovations in the last 12 months

ShopBooster is a new add-on for plentymarkets. It caches page content in plentymarkets Ceres stores and thus improves their loading times, allowing under 100ms time to first byte. We've integrated PANDA.BLACK as a platform that helps plentymarkets sellers easily offer their products on Chinese markets such as JD.COM, Kaola, WeChat and many more.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

plentymarkets seamlessly automates all business processes off- and online out of the box. Additional interfaces, store templates and features are available via plugins to match individual workflows. plentymarkets relies on cloud hosting to make sure that online offers are as secure and accessible as possible. This guarantees the best possible performance 24/7 and allows sellers to scale their resources as needed.

Additional info:

The international online marketplace, eBay, has created two new delivery services for sellers in Germany and plentymarkets is the exclusive technology partner for these new fulfilment services. plentymarkets helps educational institutions offer a new vocational training programme for e-commerce businessmen and businesswomen. We provide students our e-commerce ERP free of charge so that they can become proficient in such software.


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